05 Aug 2016神無月

SIGMA dp2 Quattro 30mm in HongKong vol 4. Lama Island 30 minutes to mainland.


Hong Kong ③ Central (Central) It is the continuation from the night view of 1 million dollars .

Although it is quite sunny, the minimum necessary is enough Lamma Island


In this neighborhood
capture-2016-08-04- 0.04.12

Although it seems to expand more, the ferry route from Central (Central) is the easiest way.


There are sundry shops, grocery stores, several cafés and restaurants,



About 30 minutes by ferry to Central Cheng (Central). It may be a convenient and environmentally friendly place without any problems at all in life.



There are wifi which can drink organic coffee, too and coffee was delicious so I went through several times.


This cafe also sells morning sandwiches, those who live on this island and go to work by ferry will go to the platform quickly after buying it.

DP2 Q 1058

Only then is the island feeling a little stupid.

I want you to see the sunset on the terrace seating along the coast!

There are several restaurants, and main seafood is the main menu.


It was truly fresh and tasty, but the price is also reasonable and it is not different from Japan. It is a feeling that it is expensive at sightseeing place price usually.


So, like a man on the island, you can find a fantastic butcher who has often seen in the mainland,


I usually sell delicatessen and condiments like Hong Kong.


Then, the restaurant with the seaside terrace seat is absolutely recommended.
The sunset is wonderful!


I want to try something like this.

DP2 Q 1195

Here, although the sun is distorted, it was actually not distorted by the camera but actually warped.
Why is it?

DP2 Q 1192

DP2 Q 1204

There is an ATM as if you can not change your belly on your back. You can drop it with a cash card. I wonder if there were banks too.
But there is no exchange. At least two years ago.


I think that we could use restaurants that eat a sticky card, but we can not use ordinary retailers and cafes, so please be aware that if you do not have Hong Kong doll as it is, you will not be able to act.

Story of a hotel in AirBnB

The host he found using AirBnB was a large house of a French family and released the second floor there.


It is considerably advantageous at about 5,000 yen a day in a spacious room with shower and toilet all over. Moreover, I am glad that we can communicate in a foreign land.


The house is on the hill a little, and the city could be overlooked a little from the large terrace.


Occasionally I would like to elegantly make PC work in the garden or something so freely that I could have encountered a host with a nice part of AirBnB.


Although it is saying, it was also Kowloon that it is not possible to praise AirBnB easily.
To put it briefly, there were some fellows trying to let them know that they could not use the facilities listed on the host after booking and reserving them. Perhaps you know that this is an beginner.

This has nothing to do with the story of some kind of image fraud

Although it is completely bad over there, I think that it was such a scam as the rule (in those days) had to cancel before because it was supposed to have the cost.
Although I was pretty nervous by the exchange in English, at the end I sent you a page with the above conventions and I endured it.
I told you not to tell me, but I left it as it was.
It was troublesome and I thought it would be uneasy for a while if I did not reply.

This image is not safe here, it has nothing to do with the content
DP2 Q 0582

Lens and manufacturer introduction

Although it is a horizontally long form that seems to be difficult at first glance, it is familiar to the unexpected hand and easy to use dp2 Quattro.

SIGMA dp2 Quattro 30mm F2.8

It is a high grade version of dp2 of Condeji.

shooting information

I shoot clearly the contrast and sharp of the color mode of the camera.
That means that the saturation of Hong Kong and the texture of the building will come out.

Also, since there is no disclosure of raw profile for Photoshop from SIGMA, it takes considerable time to develop raw data, so I will use it as it is, although I want to use it but I’m taking a picture that is hard to see a bit.
In other words, the photograph of jpg in which the color mode worked is the main for posting.

In that case, we adjust according to the saturation and sharpness of other photos.

As the ISO increased, the setting at the time of shooting was pretty noisy, so I always thought that I was adjusting the ISO so that the shutter speed would not be less than 1/10 while watching ISO.
After that the aperture was fixed to open and the white balance was surely taken with auto.