17 Jun 2016神無月

Rugged lens and gentle depiction Jupiter-12 35mm F2.8 Leica L*

DSC 06865_160606_Jupiter 12-35mm

Lens and manufacturer introduction

Jupiter-12 which I did not use much while buying it relatively early among my old lens group.

I felt that I had a nice atmosphere with a quasi-wide-angle Russian white, but I did not take out much for a certain reason.

Jupiter-12 35mm / F2.8 Leica L 1963
DSC 03064

Here’s why.
Jupiter 12_DSC 07284

It is a rear lens that invites maniac’s mind by bare face.

Previously, we carried lots of lenses and we were exchanging the lenses one after another, so it was scary with the balls after that and fewer things to pick up.

Recently I gradually became aware of what kind of lens it looks like, so I have come to be able to choose the lens according to the image of the place of the day and the weather.

DSC 06833_160606_Jupiter 12-35mm

Among the copy lenses made in relation to compensation from Germany to Russia after the Second World War, the appearance is smart and a stable feeling while the exterior appearance has a unique personality.

Today’s Agenda

· Try Jupiter 12 to shoot in the atmosphere without opening the aperture too much and do not care much about the focus.
· Challenge the light of downtown from evening to night.

Lineweight, Sharp

A line of darkness despite being a saliva.

DSC 06890_160606_Jupiter 12-35mm

While it is stable coloring, texture starts to emerge from the beginning of blur and Old is very comfortable.

DSC 06992

The diaphragm is on the front of the lens, and it was difficult to rotate, so it was almost open and I took a picture.

DSC07049_160608_Jupiter12 - 35mm

Still a tight expression of lines.

DSC07104_160608_Jupiter12 - 35mm

Moreover, because the lens is light and small, it is a lens suitable for rapidly taking pictures in town.

Bokeh taste

I like the taste I like.

DSC 06880_160606_Jupiter 12-35mm

It is a little blurred while opening up and flipping and involving falling ambient light.

DSC 06961

Nevertheless, the lenses in which the picture is formed properly are for a lifetime.

DSC 06982

It is quite easy to have front and back blurring expressions while adjusting the focusing surface, with F2.8.

DSC 06957

The shortest shooting distance is 100 cm, which is slightly longer, but as a quasi-wide angle it is a problem-free range.

DSC 06975

Is it a feeling that contours remain relatively while melting obediently?

DSC07025_160608_Jupiter12 - 35mm

As I wrote above, the lens is very light, and furthermore it is low in the Leica L mount, so it’s easy to handle in the bag as it is very easy to handle.
[us_mountSelect something="L39_NEX"]

The specification is similar to Mir-1 37mm I wrote previously, but is Mir-1 a little more sharp?

Since Mir-1 is M42 mount, the height is completely different from anything, so the sense of carrying around is completely different.

DSC 07159_160608_Jupiter 12-35mm

color, flare, ghost

Ghosts are coming in a bit depending on the angle.

DSC 06887_160606_Jupiter 12-35mm

Rather than that, I think that saturation of white by the coating of this era is more concerned.

DSC 06864_160606_Jupiter 12-35mm

There is a fear that it becomes somewhat unknown if it is made to skip it.

DSC 06960

However, although I like to target that limit.

DSC07136_160608_Jupiter12 - 35mm

Purchase route, repair and versatility, reference at purchase

Purchase on eBay, va1entin from Russia’s 100% positive feedback vendor, including shipping costs about 10,000 yen.

Jupiter-12 LOZS 35mm / F2.8 100 cm Leica L mount 1963
DSC 03064

Condition is Lens is in excellent condition. Rare silver version, made in 1963. Glass is clean and clear, aperture blades are oil free, focusing and aperture rings moves perfectly! Body have light signs of wear. Comes with both caps (aftermarket) and original bakelite case.
It was as written as.
I think that it is all good condition.

late black version on the eBay market.
There seems to be one, so it seems that you can buy it a bit more cheaply.

Also, when replacing the rear balls,
It seems likely to drop and it is very scary, there seems to be a possibility that the scars actually dropped are on the market.

As soon as you drop it, the lens of the wound.
Please note that the scratches of the back ball seems to affect the reflection.


Looking back and analyzing the pictures that I thought was able to be successful

I think that it is difficult to understand, but the person behind looks diagonally behind.

DSC 06975

Thanks to looking back, there was a story in front, in the middle, and in the back, so you should be very street pictures.

I was not waiting for the other person, but I came in the place I was standing and probably did not check the car or something safe.
I shut the shutter quickly.

Recently I have learned the pleasures of incorporating people as elements of photography to such an extent that I do not know these individuals.

Directing direction of shooting, as a portrait lens

The shortest shooting distance of 1 m is impossible to portrait, but I think that it is a lens that is pretty easy to use if it is depicted in conjunction with the landscape.

I write it over and over, I think that it is a condition that is light, small and easy to carry around as a pretty advantageous condition for town photography.
Especially if it is α7, the main body is too small, so you can set it well in a bag to keep it in your bag.

Around where I walked

Since it is a post that collects a few days, the place is sparse.

DSC06906_160606_Jupiter12 - 35mm

I walked around the usual Yoyogi Park, the vicinity of Fuigaya, and Omotesando from Aoyama to Meiji Shrine.
Omotesando was an image full of light, but it is impression that there are many dark places unexpectedly.

DSC07079_160608_Jupiter12 - 35mm

I think that I would like to do another stroll at night.

shooting information

The camera SONY α7Ⅱ, image quality raw uncompressed, developing software, but you have to adjust a little “exposure amount” “white level” by photos PhotoshopCS6, is also often out to take of it.

The iris opened almost all the time, I wanted to take the shutter speed quickly so I made it difficult to cause blur at 1/200. ISO is for last adjustment as usual.


Since the white balance was cloudy, we made “Cloudy” presets during the daytime and in the night we changed the choreographed presets to suit the lights of the stores and made them something that I liked.
I saw the color of the atmosphere in the viewfinder rather than the actual color.