03 Jul 2018神無月

Try describing the Industar-61 50 mm with a film camera! Does star blur get out neatly? in Harajuku

Film Camera

It is a conclusion earlier. The star blur in film cameras is considerably more difficult than shooting with digital cameras.
Nonetheless, Industar-61, a sharp depiction, thought that it was easy to use with a reasonable noise feeling compatible with the film.

Taday’s Agenda

· Challenge star blur with film camera
· A city that looks good in star blur, to Harajuku

Bokeh, sharp, Story of Industar-61 L/Z 50mm mainly

The sharpness of Industar-61, when it is a film camera, became moderately realistic expression.
The saturation feeling of the highlight part of the sun seems to be similar to Flektogon 35mm, but recently I think that this is the taste of the film.

It is easy to handle in near shooting 30 cm if you have a little depth. It was the same usability in film.
You can easily get flowers and food.

There was a signboard at the end of a narrow street and I tried to take it, just a person passed.
I think that the person of this distance is properly recognized by the power of Industar-61.

Front of Togo Shrine.
Does this look pretty distorted? I feel that the stone steps did not have such roundness.
This is a distortion that seems to be an old lens, but I think that it would be more interesting to have some taste.

I aimed for star blur while taking a Torii(gate).
However, since it was contrary to the rule “the focus side is near, the blur is distant”, star blurring is impossible under this situation.

So, as a close-focused aspect, I aimed for Hydrangea and aimed for star blur in the gaps between trees.
But the sun is weak, the first point on the upper left is a blurred circle. Barely there is a small star blur in the lower right.

Although I aimed at the ground as a star-blurred area, the light intensity is still weak.
Looking closely it looks like it looks like a star even thinly.

Oh,,,The remaining number of film is.
in pain, Shooting light in a rather dark place.
The composition can not be made well for the star, and it is considerably blurred by the influence which dropped the shutter speed considerably.
Because it can not reinforce the brightness with ISO like digital, the composition of star blurring seems to be quite difficult with aperture F5.6-F8.0.

Descriptions, texture, composition etc. mainly talk about film expression axis

In a dark place, the place where good light comes in, it seems fun to express the film.
Although it is cautionful for camera shake, it is getting fun to intersect exposure amount and composition, where to make light main.

The graffiti signboard complements hydrangea.
The whitish flowers are easy to saturate, and the presence is lost due to a slight difference in exposure,
I also thought that if you put a colorful thing like this signboard, you can considerably alleviate it.

Industar-61 may be less likely to be, but I think that it is suitable for photographing everyday landscapes with this distance feeling when the angle of view is 50mm.

This is also nuance close to the above, more white walls are good
It seems to be more rugged as it is digital, but if it is a film it would be quite gentle.

It was just wanting to take a balance between the red flowers in the middle and the staircase building, but the main flowers were not conspicuous at all.

Similarly, I wanted to take a balance between the orange flower and the building with atmosphere in the entrance corner of the lower left, but it is not enough.


It is a standard shooting comparison.
Opening aperture F2.0F2.0

Opening the aperture is an impression that the contrast increases as the peripheral light falls.

Aperture F8.0

Will not you mind the difference in the depiction of the focusing surface with this distance?
But at F8.0 there is the impression that the whole focus will come out as a focusing side whether the focus of the wall also comes into range.

About Industar-61 L/Z 50mm

LZOS Industar-61 L/Z (MC) 50mm F2.8 M42

Industar-61, famous as a lens with star blur.
Besides star blur, it is sharper than other Russian lenses of the same age, it is easy to use such as getting close to shooting 30 cm.

Star shot taken with the digital camera SONY a7

Still, the diaphragm of F 5.6 – F 8 necessary for star blur is quite dark if it is a film camera, so it was serious as the difficulty level of shooting was improved.

Industar-61 L/Z 50mm has previously written reviews with digital cameras.
→ 「Stars blurred and sharp depiction Aperture of the David type. . .
→ 「Industar-61 Yahoo auction exhibition lens photography hall of star blur. . .

For a walk in Harajuku

“Harajuku” Recommendation of townscapes★★★★☆=4

I tried to turn it into a map of a cool design, but I felt a bit scary.
Well, I will make some adjustments again.

If I take sharp stars of Industar-61, I thought that a glittery city would be nice , , ,

City of youth, Harajuku.

Currently there are a lot of tourists from abroad.
However, there are plenty of people in many places, so it is difficult to take a picture and go to the back street.

Then there were many quiet old fashioned paths between Takeshita Dori and Omotesando street.
It is a very good feeling in town shooting.

There are many cafes near Takeshita Dori, I tried a challenging Japanese style sandwich which was a little concerned.
As seafood is good for bread, it is caught up to seaweed.
And miso soup.

Honestly, I did not expect the taste to be picturesque funny, but this was quite delicious.
Preference may be divided, but the balance between miso soup and bread has no problem.

By the way this shop’s uniform.
I feel like I used to watch anime.

Walking further there was a great store behind Forever 21.
Beer 380 yen at this place! The mass eatery. It is like a pub talking in the evening.
The back street of Tokyo seems to be still interesting.


film camera PRAKTICA MTL5

The camera is Praktica MTL 5 made by Pentacon, fourth generation in 1983.
It is in good condition. I will make it a main camera for a while.
Film is Fujifilm's standard ISO 100 36shots.