16 Dec 2018神無月

Mirrorless Single-Eye FUJFILM X-A1 and Film Camera Praktica KW with Old Lens Mir-1!

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Russian lens Mir-1 that appeared after a long time, I made a comparative article with a digital camera camera and a film camera a little forcibly.

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And I brought out the Mir-1 after a long interval of timing.
One of the copy lenses I often hear about the Russian old lens,
It is a lens that seems to be modeled by Flektogon.

FUJIFILM X – A1 is APS – C size.
It becomes 1.5 times in terms of 35 mm,
Mir-1 37 mm × 1.5 = 55.5 mm
Because it is standard angle of view.

Today‘s agenda

– Mir-1 with the film camera Praktica KW peeking from the top
– Mir-1 with Fujifilm X-A1
– Drawing comparison of almost the same atmosphere

Mir-1 with the film camera Praktica KW peeking from the top

When I tried Mir-1 before, there was stress in not being able to approach, but this time I did not feel a problem, especially whether I was distracted by the difficult film to handle.

When the sun is strong, it tends to be faded with whiteness, and the highlight comes out softly, in short, it looks like a Russian lens.

I walked around Gotokuji that I wanted to walk again.
It is not that there is not much to walk on, but whether it is a cityscape with a sense of scale and atmosphere just right to walk easily.

It is difficult as usual to take a level with this camera.
Well I think that the difficulty will also increase as the angle of view gets wider, but a countermeasure is necessary.

And whenever you see it, a peaceful Setagaya line.
I can not get in a hurry looking at a simple platform or two train cars.

The problem with the current film is whether the highlight part is frame shooting brighter than I expected.
I feel that the highlight is more saturated than digital.

Mir-1 with Fujifilm X-A1

The digital is amazing.
Even in the entry model this depiction.

It is APS-C size and angle of view is 37 mm -> about 55 mm, so it is a little telephoto compared to film.

Cat’s butt.
When it is digital, the light and dark live like this.

The autumn leaves of Yoyogi Park which I took taking a bit of time this time.
Of course it is raw shooting so do not ride shooting settings on the camera side, you can see the power of the imaging element of purely X-A1.

I think that it is strong against halation by the performance of the camera even though it is an old lens.
The color is another thing compared to the film.
Contrast is the feeling that Mir-1 taste comes out.

Comparison of almost the same atmosphere photos

Contrast comparison


It is not the same place, but contrast and light are the same feeling photos.


As I expected, the depiction of highlights is the most different.
Is it a color taste after all?

Comparison by distance feeling


There is a slight difference in the light situation, but for your reference a comparison with a cat.


X-A1 makes it a little telephoto, the distant view is easier to blur.

About lens

ZOMZ / MIR-1 37mm F2.8 M42

The shortest shooting distance is 70 cm and as a wide angle, except for the shortest shooting distance which is a little longer,
I think that it is a lens that you can enjoy mixed with the characteristics of the original Frelecton and the distortion of the description that comes from the Russian made about.

Please refer to the previous article for consideration of specs etc.

Camera Information

Praktica KW
There are many concerns such as the finder peeking from the top, the viewfinder to the left and right, the difficulty adjusting the tilt, the unit of the shutter speed is different from the past, the sense value is difficult to grasp, etc., but 'Looking through the viewfinder from above' I am struggling to acquire 'photographer-like'.more information