23 May 2022神無月

The famous lens Tessar 50mm Zebra, which I haven’t tried, to Gotokuji Temple

Digital Camera

The last time I walked around Gotokuji Temple, I didn’t go to the temple, so I go to the temple and took a picture of the beckoning cat.

This time lens

【Carl Zeiss Jena / Tessar 50mm F2.8 Zebra M.Distance 35cm M42】

The Tessar 50mm, which I haven’t tried much for its popularity, and the first zebra on this blog.
I think, Zeiss Jena’s zebra lenses are a good lens that has old and new tastes, and the quality of old lenses is in the process of rapidly improving.

Today’ agenda

– To Zebra Tessar 50mm and Gotokuji Temple.

Tessar with affordable price and texture

Is it a little white like a Russian lens? Even so, the focus surface is easy to stabilize and it feels like a three-lens lens.

The shortest shooting distance of 35mm is quite close for a 50mm angle of view lens.
It’s easy to blur the background, so it’s easy to bring out the subject, so I think it’s the lens that’s easier to shoot.

The whiteness is also good for frames that don’t want to give much contrast.

However, I want a little darker part in this photo.
The light was directed toward the lens, so it was white and the contrast dropped.

This sense of distance and the condition of the light give a nice expressive power.
The sharpness of the elongated petals gives a nice impression, and the eagle eyes Tessar-like one.

I took some pictures and managed to get the incense stick in focus.
This is not the effect of the lens, but the fate of the manual lens.

Even with an old lens, if a part like the entrance of the light of a cave is put in the frame, it will be established even in a dark place and contrast can be obtained.
In that case, Tessar’s sharpness is a beautiful expression of a subject with a strong texture.

I like this kind of naturally weathered thing.
It goes well with the depiction of old lenses that doesn’t look too good.

The feeling of round bokeh and a little round bokeh came out beautifully.
The autumn leaves do not appear in front, but on the contrary, this is the taste of this lens.

There was a place with a rather astringent feeling of devastation.
The depiction of sunlight through the trees and the gradual blur is nice.
Somehow, I get the feeling that it is a Zeiss image.

I feel like I wanted to shoot from behind and a little higher.
The image was the passage of a long eave and the light coming through, but if it was a 35mm angle of view, it might have been as expected.

The roof of the main shrine. Good curvaceous beauty.
The color is a little off.
The light green and blue sky of the roof did not fit well with this lens and camera.

I tried to reach the limit.
If the shortest shooting distance is 35mm, it is easy to set up variations in how to approach.

Today’s destination, the beckoning cat shelf.
With a minimum shooting distance of 35mm, there are many ways to create a sense of distance, so it’s easy to create a frame that takes advantage of these front and back.

However, not everything is easy to shoot, and this is a failure.
I wanted to capture the texture of a dead tree, but it didn’t work.
I’m not sure what I’m shooting honestly.
Well, the research materials and publications that didn’t work.

Walk around Gotokuji

Last time, I started shooting from the flowers taken from directly above.
I wanted to shake the rotation of the windmill a little more, but it was a compromise because the good wind did not blow much.

Recently I’ve been reading these things properly.
When I was young, I felt like absorbing only what I felt, but lately I feel like I can enjoy it if I have a lot of information, so I got old.

It’s a residential area up to the temple, so it’s hard to find the way, so it’s a simple handwritten guide.

That’s why I finally arrived at my destination today.
It’s nice weather.

Read lightly.
In summary, it seems like “Temple related to the Ii family” and “Maneki Neko tradition”.

When you pass through the gate, the first thing you will meet and shake is the lion.
It is a place where you can raise incense sticks.

The next thing to worry about is the five-storied pagoda and a large stone monument.
There is a fence so you can’t go up close, but it tastes pretty good.

And arrived at the beckoning cat shelf.

It’s still a lot, and it looks a little scary at night.

By the way, the building where the beckoning cat was located five years ago seems to be under construction, and now there are cats on the temporary shelves.

Go around the temple and finally at the bell turret.
There is a fence here too, so I can’t enter it, but it was a nice seasonal day when the young leaves of tall trees shine in the light.

On the way back, I walked to Kamimachi Station on the Setagaya Line without going back the way I came.

There seems to be something if you walk a little to the other side of the station, but today I walked so well so I ended here.

Even so, the Setagaya Line is still quiet.

And for a late lunch, I went back to Gotokuji on the Setagaya line and went to the bakery I entered last time.
Bread and latte are delicious, and the cost and performance are the strongest.

About Tessar 50mm Zebra

The quantity is on the market and the price is relatively reasonable, but the difference is quite large.
In particular, there are some helicoids that do not move like frozen, which is often found in Zeiss zebra patterns, so please be careful.
If you try to move it forcibly, it will be distorted and you will not be able to fix it, so be careful about the item description in this part.

Since the front of the lens is in a recessed position, I don’t think there are many scratches, but it is likely that there is a thin cloudiness inside the lens, probably due to the volatilization of grease, so be careful about the transparency of the lens. Is good.