15 Jan 2016神無月

Miscellaneous thoughts of HELIOS 44-2 58mm f2.0

Helios has become so familiar and I will going to more pushing forward with the old lens.

I think particularity come into focus is a little difficult, but the softness of blurring and the shortest distance 50mm that nice.

However, it is very troublesome to change the mount every time the lens is exchanged because the mount is different from Leica 50mm SUMMILUX which is mainly attached to α7R.
I do not want to expose sensors too much.

So I thought about it, if you have a mount, can you also attach to 5D?

There were!
What a handy world!
[shortCordSingle something=”M42_EF”]

It is a bit difficult to remove. . .
Well I also feel like a cute little baddy.

And tried shooting.

Oh no problem.

It is feel quite tight, probably 5D power.

Rather than 5D power, I feel that something is quite sharp and the focus is fine.
Although I did not compare it, I felt that 5D was more sharp.

Is it incompatible with focus in α7R?
Did I imagine it?
Because, is it an old lens?

That’s fun!

It seems that the lens swamp continues still. lol.