26 May 2022神無月

Revisited with a small Tessar 50mm made around 1950, visited Shoin Shrine 5 years ago.

Digital Camera

During Golden Week, the timing of walking around the city was not right on a sunny day. so I walked the continuation of the Setagaya line on a sunny day on weekdays.

This time lens

【Carl Zeiss Jena / Tessar 50mm F3.5 M.Distance 60cm M42】

I got a fairly old Tessar in good condition, so I took it out immediately.

Although the notation of the distance is only feet, it is a fairly good product in a state that it is easy to use because the shape of the mount part can be mounted without problems with M42.

By the way, I bought another Tessar of the same type, but the rear part of the lens collided with the mount and infinity did not come out.

Today’s agenda

– Walk along the Setagaya line with the old Tessar

Tessar 50mm Impressions of depiction

The sense of stability is amazing.
The overall depiction is more stable than the type I used before.

Tessar is famous for its sharpness, which is called the eagle eyes, but I think that the sharpness is more suitable for the depiction than the sharpness.
Perhaps because of the resolution of the old lens era, it doesn’t feel crisp.

The shortest shooting distance of the later Tessar type is not about 35 cm, but the shortest shooting distance of 60 cm is too close to the scale, so it is good to take close-up shots of flowers and food.

It is a light round bokeh.
However, the depiction is so stable that it cannot be thought of as a lens around 1950.

Due to the good condition of the lens, the depiction is quite clear and it is easy to pull up the subject.
I think it’s the most stable lens of the same age I’ve tried so far.

I tried to force the flare of the lens against the sun.

Is flare so normal?

It’s quite strong compared to reasonable Russian lenses that look similar, but it’s still age-appropriate flare.

However, if you avoid backlight, this sense of stability.
Very clear and refreshing.

I tried to wash my hands with water drops by increasing the shutter speed, but I couldn’t get another atmosphere.
It feels like this doesn’t work every time.

Oh, a nice texture.
I love this 50mm angle of view and distance.

An exhibition of tailored shirt shops.
I think I stopped by the good atmosphere when I came five years ago.
Maybe this is a good match for the light passing through the glass.
It’s soft and fits old lenses, or it feels the kindness of a shirt.

Surrealistic photos that you don’t often take.
Is it something meaningful, or is it a drunken play?

After Corona, I sometimes see this kind of poster.
The balance between melancholy and the door made me want to shoot with an old lens.

Walk around the town from Setagaya to Shoin Shrine

This time, get off at Setagaya Station for the first time.
I decided to walk to Shoin Shrine.

For the time being, at a temple that I saw in the vicinity.

The sunlight was not too strong and the subject was soft, yet it was a nice day to shoot sharpness.

There is one temple on the way to Shoin Shrine.
It’s nice to visit, I also like taking a break in the quiet precincts.

Arrived at the destination.
I walked in a residential area more than I expected.

There was a mirror in front of the main hall and the reflection was good.
I don’t think it was prohibited to shoot.

It seems that the browsing of Yoshida Shoin’s cram school was only on Saturdays and Sundays, so unfortunately it was closed.

What is this stone?

Then, I took a walk around in the shopping street in front of Shoin Shrine station, which has good memories.

It feels calm and lively.

There are a lot of small shops and people who are not busy on either side of the station, so I like it.

To the return trip.
I also wanted to enter a cafe in the shopping district, but,

I also came to the bakery at Gotokuji.
Every bread is delicious!
The strongest cost and performance.

About Tessar 50mm

It seems that there are cases where the mount does not fit well even with the information on the web because it is a type with little information, so you need to be a little careful.

As I mentioned at the beginning, there is no problem with mounting the mount or infinity in this case.

I can’t say anything because there isn’t much information, but I hope you can get it as one of the information.