28 Jun 2016神無月

Gentle paintings, expressiveness and thick colors, Schneider Xenon 50mm F1.9 1966.*


Lens and manufacturer introduction

Long-established lens manufacturer Schneider Kreuznach.
In the 1930s this time the lens was also supplied to Leica Xenon Xenon.
It is very well taken only by established lenses.

Schneider Kreuznach Xenon 50 mm / F1.9 M42 made in 1966
DSC 03054

However, this lens, I feel that there is not much information yet.
Rather than Scheneider ‘s lenses there is little information.
Which lens do you currently use? . .

Today’s Agenda

· While using well-known lenses, I used Xenon that I had never taken properly with town photography.
· Since I wanted to go to Kagurazaka, I was surrounded by hula.

Line depiction, color taste

I came, this deep depiction.
It is a long time ago.

160617_DSC 07710__ xenon 50 mm
For reference, all of this article is raw shot taking and shoot out. It does not adjust the brightness. Yet this concentration.
Despite the depiction of a strong concentration somewhere kind line. I also feel Curtagon Schneider’s depiction.

Painting expressive power of thick color and gentle line. Schneider Xenon 50mm F1.9 1966.*
Although it is in the rainy season it is sunny in summer with good weather and temperature. It was a day when I wanted to take the sky blue and the outline of the clouds with a good transparency of the air.

160617_DSC 07799__ xenon 50 mm
There are many things that you took in the vicinity of F 5.6 – F 8 in general.
Beyond F8, I felt that I could not see the goodness of Xenon anymore and stopped by that.

160617_DSC 07795__xenon 50 mm
In addition, although it seems strongly a color taste, the closeness from the middle part to the shadow is strong, and whether the contrast is strongly felt by the influence.

Is the place where the tightness of the dark part is good, the color tastes good and the calm part feels the kindness of the line?

I think that the most characteristic feature appears in this flower photo.

I think that the business cards of “Lenses with painting style lines” that I have not used recently are suitable, I think that you can take a good view of the standard angle of view.

Bokeh taste

I took it by taking a trial shot to go out. I did not think that I could do so well. Great.
The degree of saturation of the highlights of the focused surface in release. Gradual blur in gentle accordion curtains. I love it.

160617_DSC 07741__xenon 50 mm
Picture making to take a recently stunning soul writer-like atmosphere. It is fun as I am afraid of the shadow of the dark area.

I aimed the ashtray stand with front blur in liberation, but it was less blurred than I thought.
I feel that the wall on the left was blurred cleanly because it started from the front of the ashtray and it got together as a result.

Whether it is a weather which can take good well, it is a lens that can take good well even if you take another colorful flower.

It was the day I almost took a picture of the flowers that caught my eyes.


With a strong sense of presence and a gentle feeling, with a wonderfully well-balanced presence to complement the focusing surface.


I think that this way, how to take the front fence blurred fairly well.
I wonder if the good coloring and the strength of the dark part can be taken easily even in the shade of light.

Today I also attached a macro helicoid and tried close – up shooting.

[us_mountSelect something="M42_NEX_Macro"]

If it says it is a painful picture, but I can easily take this neighborhood.

However, I feel that there is a tendency for a slight two-line blur, but I do not feel that much.


This is another day shooting cloudy day.


Here it is easy to understand two line blur, so do not mind so much.
It covered when it was around F4.


color, flare, ghost

I could not find a frame that could capture the ghost, so it’s a shot that is a lot more flying recently, but I feel that the atmosphere of depiction combined with blur is felt.


I wonder if it will be slightly different from how to take a similar shot of Russian lenses.


It is like an impressionist painting with a strong contrast.

Purchase route, repair and versatility, reference at purchase

The minimum shooting distance is 50 cm.
M42 mount, other exactor mount on the market and Xenon with Retina seems to be small size such as C – mount and Dickel mount.

The Albrecht-W Tronnier who designed this lens seems to belong to several organizations such as Schneider and Factorender, so the designer’s thought of the lens seems to be outstanding, so if there is a chance, I would like to try Tronnier’s lens as well.

Schneider Kreuznach Xenon 50 mm / F1.9 M42 made in 1966
DSC 03054

Purchase is from berlinerschloss merchant with 100% Positive feedback on eBay, about $250 including postage.
Although I feel a bit high as an old lens, I think that it is a lens that will describe the price more than enough compared with modern lenses.

The state was a simple explanation with the are are scratches, dust or fungus at the lens. However, when I got accustomed to ebay a little, I felt like I could go and attacked with bull.

Now, Looking at eBay, is it about 15,000 yen to 40,000 yen?

There are not so many M42 mounts and EXA mounts that are easy to use with mirrorless machines, and the price is quite variable. What kind of list was there when I bought it? I think now that I bought it in the above explanation well.

Looking back and analyzing the pictures that I thought was able to be successful

Well this is not it.


With a deep feeling, sharp but still gentle focusing surface, and a slightly round and blurred element are also good elements.
Although there is not a little sleepy impression in the vicinity of the angle of view, I think that it is in good condition as a piece of photograph with the balance between sharpness of dark area and harmony of highlight.

If this picture can be taken in 80% of the day, it is said that you can call it a photographer with a chest tight

reflection, analysis of a little missing picture

Here, I took Hydrangea over Harajuku’s home over a stop train,
I feel like one more push


I think that the frame is not bad, but I do not know if it is honest.
It might have been established if the focusing surface is a bigger flower or red or noticeable one.

I wanted to make it understand as a home, including someone who is walking and the station name.
I did not feel like waiting another one, so I got on it, but I’d like to re-mix someday the same way.

Directing direction of shooting, as a portrait lens

The blurred blur of the lens and the sharp focusing surface of the lens at this time are somewhat taken by the feeling that the time has stopped, I want to add a filter with a filter

I would definitley recommend it if someone thinks that.
I thought so.


Regarding the person, I have taken only a little with this lens, so it does not make any sense, but I think that there is no doubt that if you know this expression as a taste of a 50 mm lens, the range of shooting will widen.

Around where I walked

This time it was my first time to go to a city that I did not know for alone, because I was surprised, there was no errands only for city photography.

I thought that the home of Ichigaya was a nice location, I got off from here and aimed for Kagurazaka.

There is a fashionable SHOP & amp; CAFE which remodeled the warehouse in front of the station in Kagurazaka, and it is after a day off to Iidabashi.

The quiet part of the back street was easy to take pictures, but it seems that the street was a little bit too lively for pictures.

shooting information

Camera is SONY α 7 II, image quality raw uncompressed.

Since I want to put the special color of the lens on the front in this blog, “contrast”, “clarity”, “saturation” etc. are not adjusted to change the balance in the photograph.
The development software is Photoshop CS6 raw, there is nothing adjusted for brightness etc., it is taken out as it is.
Because it is raw shooting, it does not affect the picture style of the camera.

The aperture is open around F1.9 to F8, the shutter speed was good weather, and 1/200 is the axis recently because I do not want to worry about shaking with a bang bang.
ISO uses the nuance of the aperture as priority and finally adjust it for adjustment.
The white balance is mostly “sunny” preset, and the picture written as another day was cloudy, so it’s a preset for “cloudy weather”.

About Mount

[us_mountSelect something="M42_NEX"]