10 Oct 2017神無月

Steinheil Munchen / Cassar F2.8 45mm in Kyodo, Why are old lenses so gentle?

In SNS, you often see photos that have been roughened by filtering. From there you can see that there is a sense of value different from the precise depiction of modern lenses. In this time I think that it is a lens that makes a synonymous appearance of such values.

Lens information

Steinheil Munchen / Cassar F2.8 45mm

This Cassar is not a type of silver commonly found on the Internet, but a remodeled item.
I also thought that it was a refurbished version of only the fingerboard, but I feel that the atmosphere of the lens seen from the front is similar to that on the Internet.

Although I am not sure of the source, it is a depiction that I like quite a lot.

Today’s agenda

– What kind of feeling does the lens do not know well
– Changing selection criteria for street walking place slightly

Bokeh, color, etc

Absolutely gentle.
With this sense of distance, blurring is light, because the minimum shooting distance is 100cm.
It is an atmosphere that is familiar to me anything.

It was a nice sunny day, so it’s soft and nice to taste.
It is a gentle color with a sense of film.

A standard flower garden shot.
I think whether it is a good condition to compare small flowers with moderate ragged feeling of front and back.

I feel like blur as I took with film.
Although it is a slightly strange picture, there are signboards and plants in the glass door, and the one in the outside is in the state of only the round handle part.

It was a sunny day for walks, it was a very easy day to make drawings.
The blurred and saturated feel harmoniously makes the frame easy to make.

This feeling that it coats the taste with taste even in artificial flowers.
The discreet expression of the focusing side and the blurring slowly spreading are perfect for town photography.

It is a nice lens.
However, although the condition of the sunlight of this day was pretty good, too.

Before lens cleaning

Actually, I will take a bit of it before going to Kyodo this time.

Before cleaning, it seems a little soft focus because the lens is cloudy, but the atmosphere is not bad.

When I went to Enoshima, I took a bit of it.

Sharp, resolution

Although it is obvious if you look at the appearance that it is not a lens seeking sharpness, a slightly ambiguous focusing surface is somewhat narrow, but it has a taste and is a good atmosphere.

It is a picture of a good compatibility with light blue color.
Although it is a pretty ordinary frame, I wonder if it is established thanks to this lens.

The balance between the focal plane and the distant view is a very good expression.
It is not a taste that can not be done with post-adjustment filters etc.

It is just like this one taste is different.
It was opened, but because the sun was strong, it is very sharp, contrasts are different from the others at all.

Oh, good atmosphere.
Like sharp, it seems to be blurred, as you can see the texture.
The texture of this city was also good, but this lens seems to be very compatible with this lens.

It is a conflicting focusing aspect with an aggressive menu.
It is close to the specifications of Jupiter – 8, but the reflection is quite different.
I think that the focal plane of Jupiter – 8 is more slender and sharp and gentle.

It narrows down to about F 8.0, but halation is easy to occur as the lens looks.

About perchase

Steinheil Munchen / Cassar F2.8 45mm

I also wrote a little about it at the beginning,
Information found on the web is only the 50 mm lens of the silver lens barrel, and this distance index is remodeling so that the cheapness tells Is this lens a creative item?

I also thought that the atmosphere of the lens from the front is close to the lens on the web.
I thought that I could not find anything, but since it is Steinheil Munchen, which has little information in the first place, I gave it up.

By the way, the focus ring is not in Germany, but the Russian KMZ mark is clearly visible and partially missing.
Well it should be a good school.

Cassar F2.8 45mm , on the eBayWhen searching, it will take a camera with a lens with a cheap atmosphere.
Perhaps it is probably this lens that remodeled the version difference.

What kind of rare lens it might be.

About Mount

[us_mountSelect something="L39_NEX"]

Comparison of aperture



Even if you close the aperture, it is pretty blurred, but in this frame purple flowers look a little noisy.

About place

The rules going from town to town decided to quit because it became troublesome as distance got far away.
I want a little easiness, so I will make the near field undiscoverable.

When I reviewed the place that suits my tastes, I thought that there was an old facility and that the culture was formed mainly there.

The station is not the center, it is a pattern where the station was built in a place full of origin.

“Kyodo” city recommendation degree of recommendation★★★★☆=4


And this “Kyodo”.
I seemed to fit the conditions when I was looking along the Odakyu Line on Google Map.

I like the feeling that the road is wide and relaxed.

I also came to the temple which I mentioned as a destination.
It is a new and wonderful temple.
On the other hand, can you encounter a city where you can go around the temple?

There is a Setagaya-like green road and the relaxing time flows.

What kind of shop is it?

There was a fine library under the elevated station.
It was quite enviable that it is in a place where a nice library is easy to go, as I was pretty much working in the library before and after being freelance.

I write this article at a fashionable coffee shop for a while today.
The shortest shooting distance is 100cm, so it is a little far-reaching food shooting.


I am taking this on Enoshima before this hall.
It is opposite in time axis.

On Enoshima it was only easy to take, so it was not enough for a single post, and it is the main entrance that I intend to take.

The weather was another one and it seems that the number of shutters did not increase any more.

To begin with, it is also a place against ‘Tokyo toba street photo.’ LOL

About camera

Camera : SONY a7
Aperture : F2.8-F8.0
Shutter speed : almost 1/1000 or 1/400
Image quality : raw