16 Aug 2016神無月

HELIOS 44-2 58mm F2.0 of a swirly bokeh, versatile and blurred black lens barrel of reliable Russian lens.*


Today’s agenda

Helios recently worried about excitement occasionally, such as wanting to connect with tags with Instagram, #helios and #ヘリオス44で繋がりたい, and so on.

I took it for the first time while taking it to a local music event.

Lens and manufacturer introduction

VALDAI HELIOS 44-2 58/F2.0 M42

Sharp, color

There was a music organization that has been running locally for more than 40 years, and when I was young I was not involved much, but from the time I lived in the local area and almost no longer engaged in local affairs, I suddenly contributed myself to the local I am helping myself as if I do not have to.

Every year I am outdoor music area to local festival and I am doing PA for two days there.
About ten years have passed since I was around 30 years old.

In between, I took a little walk with Helios and took a town.
The sun was quite strong with the two days of summer days about too good weather, but unexpected halation and ghost were not.

Apacher F8

If I think that it will be more bullwound, I can not believe it exactly.

However, if it is a drawing with a strong contrast in the drawing eye, it may be undeniable whether the line is thin. I feel that the frame around Flektogon looks good like this frame.


Take this ruin and compare it.

Open aperture F2.0

When it is released, the center part looks bright with the ambient light loss. It is nice as a nostalgia feeling, but it is also a feeling that if it is a picture with a strong contrast, another taste is also applied.


The closing of the whole is good though squeezing, but maybe I want to get tightened in the dark part a little more. Or if the color is strong, the post will go out more and the balance will be better.
I’d like to take pictures with Xenon.


After all, Helios will be a blur.

Where saturation is saturated and it is soft and blurred, feeling that the atmosphere will remain properly Is it the merit of Helios?


I express the things I wanted to take properly and the whole picture gentle.


From the room of the inn that I took care of last year.


It is fun to have a feeling that the making is old and there is quite a feeling and it came to the local further more locally.


Taking flowers and comparing.

Open Apature F2.0

How amazing this bokeh. It seems to be an Impressionist painting.
However, this distance feeling is quite Pinto severe. If you shake a little with the wind you will easily get out of focus.


The squeezed picture also shows the presence of each composition well. It is COSPA which has no complaints if it only shows this.
Personally I like the electric wire that gives a sense of rhythm to the composition.

Another pair, comparing shots of flowers.


You can see the difference in the state of collapse of flower color well.

Will not it seem tough if you do not narrow down to feature a main subject in the end.
With portrait F4 ~ about what is better with what.

Purchase route, repair and versatility, reference at purchase

VALDAI HELIOS 44-2 58/F2.0 M42 Min.Distance 50cm, 1981
In the first Old Lens to remember, I bought a variety of shops to tell you when I can not understand the right and left of the old lens yet.
It is a nostalgic memories.
Now eBay has become a standard lens swamp dweller.

When buying on eBay, it is better to care about the movement of the helicoid and the condition of the diaphragm, as a matter of course, the state of the lens as compared with other lenses.

It seems that it was also an era when it was sold on Amazon before unprecedented, is it about $50.
Just think that price and state are proportional to some extent, so if you can not adjust yourself etc, I think that it is safe to buy something good enough to some extent.

Looking back and analyzing the pictures that I thought was able to be successful

An unknown aunt passed in just right place.


Instead of this kind of time unexpectedly one element comes in one way.

Long ago, in the book of Alaki of a photographer, “I just have to take a shutter and cut the subject, the subject comes from the other side.” There is a story like “Why?”, And I feel like that nuance I will.


Directing direction of shooting, as a portrait lens

I think that it is most suitable for a person. But somehow this lens does not take portrait properly.
Near the standard field angle 50 mm, there are many other nice lenses that tend to be there.

The rest is more telephoto, but portrait is also easier to take. Jupiter-9 is the best.

Photographing information

Canon 5D mark3

About Mount

[us_mountSelect something ="M42_EF"]

After Word

Helios seemed to be 85 mm, so I am a little worried because the medium telephoto for portraits is imprudent.

Moreover, there seems to be a model that is still being produced in Russia even now it may be frankly new.

We also purchased the initial version of Helios 44 silver lens barrel.
I have a lot of access to Helios, so I am writing about purchasing on eBay in detail. If you are interested, please do.
Helios 44 Steady Helios troubled blur and a soft depiction are made with a healthy silver lens barrel in 1950