01 May 2016神無月

A dry image of the silver lens barrel, Industar-50 50 mm F3.5

Industar-50 50mm The dry reflection of the silver barrel is a bit different from the Russian lens Interest

<h2> Is it because of the era of the old lens and the intention and thought of the designer as it comes out with the existence of the lens’s personality? If it meets the taste of the photographer, there is no pleasant camera life as it is cheap and well reflected Old Lens. </h2>

<h3> Lens and manufacturer introduction </h3>
<p><em> KMZ Industar-50 50mm F3.5 1966 </em><br />
<img decoding=
This time Industor 50 designed the famous Jupiter series same as Dr.Мальцев. It seems like it is still inexpensive and well taken.
Or perhaps it seems that the Industar 50 of this time is moderately reflected.
I can not recommend to everyone like Helios, but it is a lens that makes me feel as a famous person in the shadow of a nice lens.

Today’s Agenda

· The famous project of Russian lens is a trial project, this time 50 is Industar’s 50.
· Chair of CHAIKA camera which did not have enough number to put on Industar-69 28 mm also listed a little

Line depiction, color taste

If it is a brighter picture, it seems that it has a refreshing impression, but it seems to be colorful, but I can never say that coloring is good.

Nonetheless, the pale feeling of Russian lenses and the surprising lines of this Industar 50 are impressive to remember clearly as a memorial scene in which we took a step back from the subject.
Although it was a selfish impression, I thought that it seems to be “Fake Lunar” which looks really good.

Is the gradation expression of the highlight like Russian lens?

It seems that it is bad feeling when it comes to expression of the dark part.

I have a strong sunshine and an impression that it is easy to change colors with green, but I like this cheap feeling quite a lot.
White balance I do not care about this, I think this is fine for this.
Whether this habit is also good for old lenses.

I think that rules are easy to understand and constraints are easy to understand, so it is fun with easy-to-understand ideas and aimed eyes because rules are easy to see.
“Fujlun” is also its nori?

The dark places are quite difficult.
It is a frame that I want to go with, but if I squeeze it, I can not use the technique that makes the center look brighter due to the influence of the “ambient light loss on liberation” effect, it is another unfixed feeling.

Here looks like Mir-1.
As you can see how green turns, I feel that there is a taste.

After all it is tough if it is dark. I wanted to show the light metallicly in contrast to plants, as it is not decided where to go with light, but it has become a flat feeling even if it squeezes.

I’m not sure if this black one is a picture or ink has dropped, but it is like a woman dancing and I like it.
This is not one piece of the lens. . .

Bokeh taste

Although it is somehow shaky, but this lens is 100 cm shorter than the shooting distance, it is quite difficult to make a picture making use of blur.
If this angle of view is 50mm and this shortest distance, it will be a picture that I drew literally one step.

It is the shortest distance of shooting, it blurs unexpectedly if it brings the depth to this extent.
Since a little Guruguru blurring comes out, I can see blur around the image, but is not it so rough? Soft and blurry.

Even here it was a gurgle blur.
I like this feeling of reddish green, but whether it’s lightness, or maybe I can take it to a place where a little more gradation expression is available.
However, there is also a fun halfway feeling.

“Dry color” This expression is perfect. It is such a color that I miss it occasionally.
Whether it is compatible with blurring or not. I feel that the sense of old will increase.

Purchase route, repair and versatility, reference at purchase

Industar-50 which is common to the world is a thin pancake type, but this seems to have a helicoid on the rear side for L39.
The upper part is the same as the pancake type you see on the net.

KMZ Industar-50 50mm F3.5 100 cm 1966 L 39

Purchase is 1,819 yen on eBay.
Because it is this price including shipping fee, exchange fee, it may be the lowest price among the old lenses I bought.

The photo shows 7 pictures that are easy to see, and there were also squeezed photos, so it was easy to understand.
Product description,

Body: This product is a good condition

Oprtics: The glass of the lens is clean, not moldy.
There are a few slight cleaning scratches on the rear lens only. This scar will not affect pictures.

Function: No oil is attached to the iris spring. The motion of the aperture spring moves smoothly at all aperture positions. The focus is smooth and accurate.

I wonder if there is no problem writing it coherently.
Rather than about 2,000 yen, there was much feeling like “Has been a haze”.

The thing that arrived is “I guess it is probably like this”. It is cheap if it is 2,000 yen.
I am afraid that the super cheap lens does not see the problem of the structure of the lens enclosure, such as not being addicted to the camera, and problems other than age of dirt.

I am also thinking that it is interesting to try to open it with the intention of exercising lens cleaning, so making super cheap lenses is also simple.
Actually I feel that I learned the lens cleaning.

Situation of sales site

eBay market wonderful I feel that it is around 2 to 3,000 yen, because there are so many, I do not get bidding too much and often I can buy the starting price.
I think that it is better to buy something of good condition, if possible finding a cap and if you have a difference of around 1,000 yen, you should buy a high one.

Looking back and analyzing the pictures that I thought was able to be successful

Industar-50 50mm The dry reflection of the silver barrel is a bit different from the Russian lens Interest
Is this one useless?
I like it pretty much, but it did not grow very much with the instant.
I think that this color falling way has unexpected Photoshop or goodness that does not reach with a filter.

In other words, it may be a bad color fading, but Industar itself is a lens like a toy box with a filter and it seems like hits come out occasionally and it is interesting.

<h3> A little diverted brother lenses Industar-69 28 mm </h3>
<p>Since it was not a lens enough to put it here, I had almost taken it away but I’ve let it go, so I introduce it as the same line of Industar</p>
<p><em> KMZ Industar-69 28 mm F 2.8 2,941 yen photos </em><br />
<img decoding=
Black in the four corners is getting kicked.
In addition, because infinity does not suit, I finished with trial shots, but if I look only at the photo for a while, this is a celebration and it would not have been a good idea to have taken a little more.

Although it seems to be very difficult to scrape with serious adjustments with the same cheap lens as Industar – 50, recently you have to adjust 3D printers, do you?
Aya, I should not cut it because I should cut it.

Although contrast is strong, I think that it looks like Industar – 50 again, I think that it is not a completely bad appearance.
Since the image sensor is kicked at full size, it seems that the black on the four sides disappears if it is APS – C size (whether the field angle is 28mm is about 42mm)

shooting information

The camera is SONY α 7II, the image quality is raw uncompressed, and the development software is Photoshop CS 6 I adjust the “exposure level” and “white level” somewhat depending on the photograph, but many shots are taken out as it is.

F2.0 to F6 on the 2nd to 3rd stops from the opening, the shutter speed is 1/100 on the axis taking the camera shake into account, about 1/400 when it is too bright, those with fast movement such as flowers swaying in the wind Brightness is supplemented with ISO at about 1/800, ISO is set to basic 50, and the brightness is adjusted appropriately by shutter speed and aperture.
WHITE BALANCE is roughly auto in case outside. Especially when the clouds are sparse and the sun goes in and out, it’s a lot of trouble to adjust every time you take a picture, so it’s standard with auto. Also when working in the indoor studio, we will tightly fit the numbers.


I mean, it was still there to take a picture.

Will it continue to live even if there is an iPhone, is still good film quality?

There is another article on Industar.
Russian lens sharp and soft pancake that you can buy at 3,000 yen Black Drawing power of lens barrel
Short shooting The shortest distance allows for a little freedom.
Please come along with us.