13 Jul 2017神無月

Isco-Göttingen Iscovitar 50mm, exploring the capabilities of Schneider’s subsidiary from Akatsuka Park to Tobu Nerima

I forgot how I bought it, but I was a little different from the lenses I’ve used so far, and I was curious about the cheap lenses.

About lens

Isco-Göttingen Iscovitar 50mm F2.8

The company Isco started out as a subsidiary of Schneider Kreuznach during the war and still seems to be a subsidiary of Schneider, but the information on this lens web is quite scarce and unclear.

There is a lot of information on the lens named Isco-Göttingen, which is made entirely of aluminum and has a profound feeling, but since I can not find information on this rubber-like textured ring properly, I decided to give up on that side and describe it as usual. Continue writing on the axis.

Today’s Agenda

– Explore the atmosphere of the first manufacturer, Isco-Göttingen
– Because I didn’t know the city I went to, I took a camera and walked around.

Bokeh, depiction around the frame, color

The shortest shooting distance is 80 cm at F2.8.
It is a depiction as the image of an inexpensive lens.

The shortest shooting distance is 80cm at F2.8.
The image of an inexpensive lens is blurred to some extent, and the focus surface is not sharp, but it is within the range that can be taken sufficiently.
However, it can be said that it is an old lens with no features.
It is a depiction.

The color is not bad, but I couldn’t find any outstanding parts, so I thought it would be impossible to shoot like this lens, so I gave up around here.

I wrote it with the image of a lens that is not very good, but if you think of it as a lens that can be taken like an old lens and can be taken without any difficulty, I think that it will fully express the scene you want to capture.

I think it’s easy to take pictures other than close-up shots because you can take pictures of bokeh from front to back naturally.
Close-up shooting is a bit tough when the shortest shooting distance is 80 cm. I don’t think you can take pictures of food on the table unless it’s about 50 cm.
I have a macro mount, and I actually wear it, but recently I haven’t used the original function of the lens for blogging.

Also, it seems that there is a little cloudiness inside, and I was worried about the sweetness of the focus surface at the time of shooting, but it seems that it is not so worrisome when I see it on the screen.

I’ve been doing lens repairs lately, but apparently it looks like it’s not common to make from the outside, and it seems to be a subsidiary of Schneider who has a strong image of complicated making, so I can only blow the lens on the side that looks scary. ..

It was dusk, so I tried to put it backlit, but I can withstand halation quite a bit.
It may be better if you know the focus surface, bokeh, and light source.

If you look closely, the dark part is kept to some extent.
I can’t say that the contrast is strong, but I wonder if it’s easy to take a standard shot because it has a lot of color and dark areas.

Resolution, sharpness when the aperture is closed, aberration

It is a distant view with a relatively flavor.
I thought it would look a little smoother, but it seems to have a faint film-like appearance.

Is it the impression that the focus surface is a little crisp when squeezed?
It feels rough, but I don’t think it’s noisy.

With an angle of view of 50 mm and a minimum shooting distance of 80 cm, a frame like this is the standard shooting method.
If this atmosphere appears in this frame, it can be said that it is a standard lens for the time being.

The focus is on the tree above the drum, but I also want it to come out a little sharper.
Maybe the middle lens of the lens is cloudy, so if it can be removed, it will be a little sharper.

Here, if the amount of peripheral light drops a little more, I think that a film-like atmosphere will appear in combination with the saturation of the focus surface.
For better or for worse, there is no other effect in that area.

Since the white balance was set to “sunny” on this day, the above photo in the shade looks bluish, but it seems to be relatively compatible with the focus surface.
There may be a feeling of adjusting the feeling of old lenses with white balance.

If I made the ivy sharper and made a difference with the clay pot on the lower right, I think that the picture would have more depth, but I wonder if this lens is impossible.

If the frame has a contrast between the focus surface and the bokeh at such a short distance, I feel that this lens will add a touch of flavor to it.
It feels like the cheap taste is a little sharp.

A retractable bicycle garage.
Somehow this shot may be the most like this lens.

for Parchase

Isco-Göttingen Iscovitar 50mm F2.8

From the information you see on the web, it seems that the name of this ISCO lens is often the name of the lens that was popular at that time, so it seems that this lens is playing the lens “VIVITAR”.
But I haven’t used VIVITAR so I can’t say anything more.

The shortest shooting distance is 80 cm, 5 aperture blades, and the filter diameter is 49 mm, which is a spec of this era. It’s a feeling.

Looking at the list of isco-gottingen,
there are many metal-based housings, and the reputation of the web seems to be good for metal-based medium telephoto lenses.

Summary in one word

To be honest, I wonder if the price is a little high.
Since I started selling repair lenses, I have decided not to write the purchase price, but it is not recommended for everyone because of its thin features and price.
But it’s not a bad lens.

Where I walked

I went against the plan I made at the beginning, but I didn’t know what to do, so I wanted to take a picture of it. I made it.

“Akatsuka Park-Tobu Nerima” Town shooting recommendation★★☆☆☆=2

There is Akatsuka Park near Takashimadaira Station on the Toei Mita Line, and we had a barbecue there.
It is a convenient place because it is close to the station.

I talked about the park, and after parting with everyone, I took out the camera while walking, so there are no pictures that look like a park. I don’t know.

By the way, I walked from the vicinity of Takashimadaira to Tobu-nerima, but there weren’t many places to take pictures. ..
It was a beautiful residential area, but I think it’s not suitable for city photography.

When you come close to Tobu-Nerima Station, you will find a place with an atmosphere.

The area around the station has a shopping-like atmosphere and is a little worth walking, but the range is narrow. I think it’s hard to recommend it for taking pictures of the city on the weekends.

However, the area around Tobu-Nerima Station, which has a lively atmosphere like a downtown area, is lively and nice.
It might be a good city to go for a drink.

About Camera


Raw development

Development is Adobe Bridge CC 2017, so I want to keep the characteristics of the lens in the photograph, so I do not change the contrast or saturation at all, no adjustment, no filter.
Occasionally, the brightness is adjusted according to the amount of exposure.

Cemera setting

The aperture is about F2.8 to F8.0 at full aperture, the shutter speed is about 1/200 when the shutter speed is set to 1/640, and the ISO is set to skip or darken depending on the atmosphere of the place. I’m adjusting.
The white balance has been left “sunny” lately. The shade tends to be blue, but I feel that it is closer to the frame I saw in reality.