19 Apr 2016神無月

Flektogon 35mm is masterpiece, Good sharpness and contrast, not just a rumor.


Lens introduction

Carl zeiss with “Jena” is Zeiss on the East German side before the integration.
The story of Zeiss of this era is confusing, this zebra pattern is probably the second generation flektogon.

Flektogon Carl Zeiss Jena 35mm/F2.8 30cm M42 Zebra about 1972
About Zeiss’s old lens, Tessar type, Biotar copy etc, I listened frequently as like an example lens, thought that I should try someday, finally it is the first purchase!

Walked around where

This day, I walked around Tsukiji station behind, the factory in the house is still around.
Probably there are a lot of shops making processed foods to sell in the Tsukiji market.

I worked around here about 10 years ago.
When I got back from work I took a small compact camera and walked occasionally, it is a familiar place.
It is a nice place where old-fashioned houses and townscapes soften the light.

The weather was cloudy, but the light is just right for familiarity with the retro feel, cats were able to meet three as well, it was a nice street walk.


Contrast is strong!
The first impression is simpley.
However, I gradually understood that it is not rather as contrast strongly as light and dark are beautiful in dark places.

Even if it is dark, the color saturation does not decrease, the bright part remains color.

So, if the frame is bright, I do not feel like that contrast and color tend to stand out much.


The focus area is very sharp, and it gets thicker as it approaches bokeh

Compared to nowaday’s 35 mm lens, the taste is strong at close range.

When the diaphragm closes, the depiction is ordinary.


If you focus on a close position, it will be very blurry.
I feel, It will be blurrier than a maximum aperture F2.8 imaginally.

It seems to be a beautiful soft glooming blur, depending on the sense of distance from the back a little swirly blur also came out.

However, it is a background in the case of close, and it is a general texture of F2.8 when leaving.
In addition, the shortest shooting distance is 20 cm, in actuality it felt like about 10cm, and it will be start to blur from about 50 cm approximately.

This distance perspective is not very blurred.
Schneider Kreuznach’s Curtagon 35 mm / F2.8 also has similar specification and I feel closer to the depiction, but that the way of blurring is quite different.


Near the diaphragm closes and brightly, rough focus.
I took it while chasing a cat, so I could not get the focus or exposure in time.
However, the texture matches the saturation condition of white is like old and I like it.

I think, sometimes if a bit out of focus is better the atmosphere as a photograph.
It is likely to be the range of expressions so far.

Good sharpness and contrast, Flektogon 35mm F2.8 Zebra is masterpiece, not just a rumor.

Reference at the time of purchase, repair and versatility

I bought it from romansite.
They have 100% Positive feedback on the eBay.

Product description is below.

The optics are ok, there are no scratches haze or Fungus, a few dust specks are apparent. The front element is very good, the rear inner element show minute coating mark, perhaps 1mm in size, signs of very slight cleaning is barely noticeable.

The Focusing is fairly smooth and in reasonable working order, the Filter mount is obviously the worse for wear with dents but filters will fit but not that well. If you don’t use filters, it doesn’t matter! The Iris Blades are in perfect working order, the lens barrel has marks and shows as ‘fairly well used’. No caps as such but a rear cover (as illustrated) will cover the rear glass and a 49mm filter will be fitted to the lens.

It was as described.

eBay’s Flektogon market

Just as I see it in masterpieces and on the web, the quality is higher, among my old lenses purchased I had.
The price is reasonably affordable compared with the quality of the lens.

And, there are some zeiss’s old lenses have balsam separation , so it seems better to mind describing haze when if you purchase.

Analysis of photos that I took it well

I also wrote in the “Halation” section, It does not have the focusing and light intensity, but I like the old feeling of this picture.

I think, a cat is just on the line, that aided to the line of sight, intriguing to the lower left.
The roundness of the ground or distortion of the lens, the line is slightly curved, it is also a good atmosphere to imagine the expression of the face of a small cat.

Intersection of the cat’s line of sight, the latticed lid, the lid of the manhole and the line of the green wire mesh are also beautiful.

No, I suppose, the line in front of this might be in line with the cat’s gaze.

It was also a trisection diagonal line.

Reflecting a little missing picture

I could not fit in the side composition, the road narrowed and I could not retreat so this was the limit for distance feeling.

DSC03259_160416_Flektogon35 -1-

I thought whether it was barely fitted in the frame, but it is not good to see it on PC.
Was it successful if it was about 28mm angle of view?
Or I guess that these frame are suitability for middle telephoto lenses.

About mount

I used SONY a7ii, so I use M42 → SONY E (NEX) mount.
[us_mountSelect something="M42_NEX"]

a Canon 5D mark III, it has mirror interference when approaching infinity. It can be used only for short distance, medium distance.
[us_mountSelect something="M42_EF"]

Photographing information

Camera : SONY α7II

Image quality : Raw uncompressed
White Balance: auto
Depending on the photo, I adjust Exposure a bit in Photoshop, but there are many photos as it is.
Aperture : F2.0~F6
Shutter speed : 1/100