21 Jun 2016神無月

Retro texture like a filter Jupiter-11 135mm F4.0 Leica L*


Lens and manufacturer introduction

For me, I feel that I often take Russian lenses in town photography.

I wonder if the retro texture makes it a picture as the image of the name called old lens.
Today, the middle telephoto Jupiter-11 with a slightly minor image among the Russian lens Jupiter.

Jupiter-11 KAZAN 135mm / F4.0 250cm Leica L 1957
DSC 03941

Zeiss’ s famous ball Sonnar 135mm is a lens that was copied and improved from the Soviet Union in relation to the postwar reparation issue, and numbers are not appearing like Helios 44 and Jupiter 9, but contrary to the heavy past You can enjoy it as a lens that often appears in the image.

Today’s Agenda

· Try the possibility of middle telephoto with the way of taking a picture like the picture of the atmosphere there like a picture of a soul writer.

• Take a picture of the balance and color of the frame more carefully than in focus.

Lineweight, Sharp

This time, the texture of the sole writer!
With only thinking, none of them got a picture of the aperture release F4.0 lol


Nonetheless, in 1957 it was a period object, with no problem when considering 135mm middle telephoto.


It may be that telephoto lenses seem convenient for the easy-to-focus focusing function of α7.
Despite what I say, this hydrangea is too bright and it squeezed a little.


Is the feeling of the line similar to Jupiter – 9? Perhaps it is natural that the original lens is Sonnar together so it is natural.


Most of the photos of this time are taken brightly, but contrast is very different from previous Jupiter-9 , I think that it is a big difference that the previous article is a picture taken with 5 Dmark 3.


I feel a distance of up to the subject as much as 135mm of field angle, the shortest shooting distance of 250 cm, but I think that it is enough if only this line will come out.


Bokeh taste

Even release is F4.0, it does not blur unexpectedly, but it is soft soft blur of comfort.


I tried to match the pins alternately with these two pieces, the sky and the flower in front.


Because it is easy to understand the change of blur. Whether to make it a classic for the future.


Since there was a considerable distance from the flower in the back forest here, although there was considerably blurred on the blurred ball but also it seems that there are few places to find the distance feeling and the direction of light pretty well, I think that how to shoot as expected is limited.


If it is a portrait, is it around the telephone pole in the back?
If the opening is F4.0 better or worse blur in front will understand the shape well.
It may be a little unsatisfactory compared to the aperture of F2.8 which is often seen at 135mm.


Here, aimed at the image of a soul writer, shot shaded by sense.

Well liked, I think that this taste comes out with adjustment and without filter, it is good only for silver copper mirror lenses before the 1950s.

It was cloudy, but even with the contrast with the sky during the day it was not completely crushed and kept up to this point.
Pin per handles in front of outdoor unit of air conditioner
It is perfectly compatible with old subjects, what it says, it is a feeling that the frame will fit all the way.

color, flare, ghost

Roughly speaking, it is ghosting and rolling.
A white shadow will come in as soon as you point a little towards the light.


That’s a good idea,
A very old retro feeling can be easily seen with the viewfinder.


In recent years, it has come to be able to see frequently filtered photos as much as it was convenient, such as a smartphone app and filter action of Photoshop, but that is a seasoning of the post process to the last.


Fun while turning focus ring while feeling real reflection of light.
I think that Jupiter – 11 can be combined with lenses full of it.


Purchase route, repair and versatility, reference at purchase

Jupiter-11 KAZAN 135 / F 4.0 250 cm Leica L 1957
DSC 03941

Lenses is very good state. On petals diaphragm is dry also work perfectly.
And although it was a despicable explanation, I decided to go cheap and nice.

There are no problems at all.

However, I smell a bit like a Russian lens.
The smell of a helicoid lubricant like oil.
I just do not know this on the PC screen.

By the way the notation on eBay was M39.
Jupiter 11 135mm F4 M39 Leica Screw Mount Sonnar Copy 1957 Year Red P

List of eBay

I think that there are many articles of M39 mount M39 → M42 conversion ring → M42 mount Zenit mount M39, but this is a lucky thing Leica L mount. No conversion ring is required. It was usable as it was.

Looking back and analyzing the pictures that I thought was able to be successful

Here, do not you smell a bit like a soul writer ~

DSC 06811 _ 160605 _ Jupiter 11

I do not see the person, but I feel that I could take a picture that feels something in any strange alley. What do you think?

reflection, analysis of a little missing picture

Where we thought that it would be good to capture with distant landscapes and people on a long road, the original bike came.


Although there was only this moment the point which can fit in the frame due to the angle of view problem,
I am afraid that I could do a little more.

Although I was impatient with the magazine, I thought that it would have been better to take pictures with only the blurred images, looking at the liquid crystal in α7, or even turning the focus to infinity for a moment I am.

Directing direction of shooting, as a portrait lens

I think that it is surprisingly interesting to portrait, but if the shortest shooting distance is 250 cm it will eventually need to be changed with other lenses, and even if it is not easy to get on Leica L mount which is hard to become main.

Around where I walked

This time I walked around Higashi-kitazawa.


It is quiet and nice around here.
Shinjuku is close to Odakyu each station, though.
But when I go to Shibuya, I may not like something to pay Odakyu for one train at Shimokitazawa change.

shooting information

Camera is SONY α 7 II, image quality raw uncompressed.

The development software is Photoshop CS6 raw, and depending on the photograph, “exposure level” “white level” is adjusted somewhat, but it is taken as it is and it is often taken out.

Also in this blog I’m not adjusting the balance to change the picture, such as “contrast”, “clarity”, “saturation” etc, because I want to put the special color of the lens in front.

In this time, the aperture is almost fixed at F4.0, the shutter speed is around 1/200, and we are also aiming for a kind change rate punch a little.
I feel that ISO is bright, manual and appropriate.

The white balance is also a cloudy day, and it is a preset “cloud sky” because it also felt that the yolk was slightly better suited to the old lens.