31 May 2016神無月

Bokeh gently enhances the subject Jupiter-9 85mm F2.0*

Lens introduction

Jupiter-9 is a Russian copy lens just like the famous Helios.
It has a good depiction, high cost and performance.

Jupiter-9 85mm/F2.0 M42 1975

It also like Helios, it is a copy lens based on Zeiss Sonnar based on liability after World War II.
Contrary to the dark past, easy to obtain price, the number of individuals, and good depiction, so if you started the old lenses that I recommend you to try.

Today’s theme

Actually, I was planning to try popular Helios 44-2 with Canon 5Dmark 3, but I felt that the subject was quite near, I brought a Jupiter-9, it is like a comedy performance.

Helios 44-2
The appearance is similar.
The front lens is completely different, do not you think the color and texture are similar for Jupiter-9? Lol

+Go for a walk in YANESEN area, this area is good atmosphere.


I think, Jupiter-9 often emphasizes blur, but it is attractive as a thin and strong line.

The aperture is around F8-F11.
The contrast is not too strong contrast is good feeling.

At first glance, it feels like it can be taken on the iPhone, after all, the depiction and texture are taken different by lens.

If you can take a picture of the aperture at F8.0 and you can find a frame which light blur and sharpness intermingle, you can create a retro feeling exceptionally.

This focus area is shrine dog.


The blur of full diaphragm preeminent melts.

Just like Zeiss Sonnar’s copy lens, a depiction is similar to the blur of general old Zeiss lenses.

The shortest shooting distance is as long as 85 cm, Jupiter-9 is 85mm middle telephoto, so that you can shoot like nearby subject


However, if there is a distance the camera shake, so It would like to secure a shutter speed of around 1/200.


The blur of the distant view doesn’t buzz, it is easy to subject naturally.


Here is a famous cafe “Nenneko house” It was a holiday unfortunately.


This turtol think can get bait, so he was stretching his neck ,he stay near Nezu station.

Color, flare, ghost

There was a pretty doll near the turtle.
It might be a specialty.

The highlight part feels like Russian lens, but it doesn ‘t looks as saturate as Helios.

I think that it is easier to saturate the alley side or the cloudy day than a place where the light is strong.

Reference at the time of purchase, repair and versatility

It seems that a Russian lens that the upper two digits of the serial number seems to be the manufacturing year.
So, it is written as 75~~~, made in 1975.

Also, because it is this mark, it seems to be a state-owned company called KMZ.

Russian lenses of this era appears to be different depending on the company of manufacturing, you should care about the mark representing the manufacturer.

Jupiter-9 KMZ 85mm F2.0 M42

I bought this on eBay.
Lense detail is,

In good condition ! No scratches, no fungus , no dust !The front lens has minor traces of cleaning do not affect the quality of work.Diaphragm and mechanical in good condition. Smooth rotation.Comes with: Box , lens cap.

as is written, there was almost no problem.

Now,look eBayI feel cheaper than when I bought it.
Silver is smart, is it about 5,000 yen high? I want to try someday.

this weight is 360g. the shipping cost is a bit higher, because it is heavier than a general old lens.

I often see a story that the Russian lens has a disappointment on the web.
I have bought quite a lot, such as “Helios 44, Jupiter 9, Jupiter 11, Jpiter 3, Mir – 1, Industar some”, but I feel that there is no missing.

It is smell of grease that is more concerned about it.
There were several smelly individuals. This is also a topic commonly seen on the web, but maybe nothing can be done with net mail order.

Analysis of photos that I took it well

Recently, I feel the importance of light again.

The sensitivity of the camera is very good, in the daytime it will appear at all in a dark place, the light becomes so soft as the darker part, the slight difference in light becomes an element of picture making, so the lens which expresses the lens well There will be more turnings.

This is a shot that made good use of that part.

Walked around where

I tried walking a little wider in the Yanesen area, I went down from Nishi Nippori and aimed at the Yanaka Direction.

Although it is written coolly, in truth, I intended to get off at Nippori and it got off at Nishi Nippori as a mistake.

It is nice to have a shrine and historical cityscape in this area as well.
When I worked for a company, it was a station I got on and off a number of times with train transfers, but I did not know anything about the city.


I haven’t noticed anything unless if I walk around the city.

Photographing information

Camera : Canon 5Dmark3
Image quality : Raw uncompressed
Depending on the photo, I adjust Exposure a bit in Photoshop, but there are many photos as it is.

Aperture : F2.0~F11
Shutter speed : 1/100
White Balance : Cloud