29 Apr 2017神無月

Prestige Meyer-optik Oreston 50 mm. In addition to lenses that are inexpensive and often seen OK! in Sangenjaya

This time there is a sorrow feeling in the thing that the lens manufacturer’s company “Meyer-Optik Görlitz” was absorbed, the lens name was changed to “Pentacon”, and the lens DNA remained under the influence of the war The lens. I will take a picture of such sad sad background without things. And cheap!

Lens and manufacturer introduction

Meyer-Optik Görlitz Oreston 50 mm F1.8

As we try out various manufacturer’s old lenses, Meyer-Optik Görlitz feels interesting in the standing position of the lens.
What is it, a business like a depiction that kept on keeping the part that was tossed by the times as a business?

It is Meyer-Optik Görlitz which is unusually famous Trioplan of bubble blur, but other lenses I tried are not too bad, so I am trying to try it in the future.
Lens purchase details etc. are listed in the second half.

Today’s Agenda

· A good reputation as a cheap image while exploring the power of Oreston.
· There seems to be many hideout shops, but I walk around Sangenjaya, which I have never been to before.

Bokeh taste, depiction of frame periphery

A depiction that is stable.

Because there were many strong lenses in this place, it is easy to take after the previous Zeiss Pacolar 50 mm.
Recently I felt like I got to know the neighborhood.

Pinto mountain is easy to grasp, easy to use frame making easy to use.
Modern lenses may be a matter of course, but if it is an old, there will be texture of each lens there.
However, although I think that the lens with a hint on the focusing surface and blur is also amusing enough.

As old, it is quite unusual, because the minimum viewing distance is 33 cm with a standard viewing angle of 50 mm, it is quite easy to beat.
I feel as if there is no mind or blurred feeling like it is blurred, but it seems like it is swaying in the wind, so it seems like it can not be said that it is a rough, so is not it?

Although it is shade, the color is also on the good feeling. We do not adjust the raw.
Lens with plenty of liberation Flowers that are easy to take are comparatively suitable for anyone. Moreover, it is cheap as Helios.

I think whether the four corners are also relatively stable, but the letters of the red flags behind the left are slightly two-line blurred.
In this composition, only the inhabitants of the lens swamp may be interested, as the red flag of the flag stands out because it is a bit mindful. .

Before blur I think it is very good.
It may not have been throttle release, but closed the diaphragm around F4.
I am surprised that it is an old lens and there are no records left in the photo.

Is the condition of the coating of the lens very suitable for the outdoors, or the color that fits well in a very good balance.
Of course, I think that it can be thought of as the power of the lens since it is not adjusted except for exposure in raw development.

Line depiction, color taste

No no it is okay to narrow this down.

Although it seems to be able to be taken at iPhone at first glance, the iPhone is adjusted too wonderfully, so on the contrary it is impossible that such a simple texture is impossible.

The aperture is F8.0. It is very obedient.
It seems that the texture that was out also in the blurred picture is left without the focus surface becoming crispy.

The extent of protrusion of “na” is exquisite and you will be taken with your eyes on, but if you can see the texture of the tree.
It is awkward in the vicinity of the image, but it is very wonderful, such as the upper central part.

Here it is complete no adjustment. Of course, contrast and so on, exposure is not messed with. The only mechanical adjustment in Raw shooting is the auto white balance.
While keeping the atmosphere around the shutter, I think that the gradation of the spiral staircase on the left is beautifully outgoing.
With less shade difference between light and shade, it seems that lenses that can divide this living quite easily are easy to use.

I thought a little about the picture of one shutter, but you can see the slight distortion at the top.
I do not feel like getting in the way, but I’d like to be careful if I have a chance of portrait.

Somewhat, it was the time when the sun became soft, but as it is still somewhat intense as it is, the ability to keep this light and dark gradation may be suitable for portrait.
It is worth a try to express a strong light that makes the face look too tight with too much contrast.

It is a wonderful praise.
I think that it is human being that evaluation of COSPA that the purchase price of the lens is about 6,000 yen is also included, but I think whether fishing is a cheap lens even if I deduct it.

Purchase route, repair and versatility, reference at purchase

Meyer-Optik Görlitz Oreston 50 mm F1.8

The shortest shooting distance is 33 cm, manufacturing around 1968, 6 diaphragm stops, 4 groups 6 lenses. The lens configuration is Gauss type.
As a lens of 235 g and zebra pattern, it is a feeling that it does not enter the pocket as standard.

There are also 12 squeezed photos taken by Zhongshan in cherry blossoms, there are lots of pictures close to the lens and there seems to be no problem at all.

Lenses in a bad state arrived after a long absence.

I will do one thing here.

As far as the lenses that were not problematic arrived so far, we did not check the condition of the lens, and arrived at sellar,
“Thanks alot!”
It was easy to put it in.

With that translator, there was mold unexpectedly, but I decided to try cleaning it on my own after a long absence because I have also evaluated sellar and the price of the lens itself is cheap so I got lost.

I made it as an article because it is so painful.
Old lens lens cleaning and necessary tools introduction, overhaul and cleaning in reasonable range
Please have a look if you like.

When purchasing

My main stage eBayAccording to
Is it about 5,000 to 15,000 yen?

There are quite a bit of width, but there are also bundles of stocks that said “PENTACON AUTO” or “PENTACON electric” for searching.
This story has become quite a long story and the historical story of the lens has already been properly written already so it is decided not to write much in this blog but in briefly it is due to the merger of the effects of war, Although the brand name changes, the characteristics of the lens have been inherited.

Personally I like the brand feeling of Meyer-Optik Görlitz, so even if the inside is together, the engraving likes Meyer-Optik Görlitz.

Also, from the experience of lens cleaning, the inside is relatively simple making, so I think that it is a lens that is easy to clean even if it is slightly dirty, but since only balsam cutting is almost impossible, almost Haze (cloudy) You should take care in the notation of.

Flare, Ghost, Halation

Light seems to rotate slightly in the lens and it seems to be halation, but there is a remaining dark part so there is no problem at all.

I forced it against the sun.
Halation naturally arises, but there are plenty of shadow parts.
It will be good if you can keep this contrast.

Chromatic aberration has appeared on the branch on the upper right side of the sun.
Chromatic aberration is fine even with expensive ones of modern lenses, and it is almost natural of this kind of backlighting.

Although light was not directly entering the lens, halation occurred and it turned white.
I made a shadow on the lens with my hand and also cut off the halation, but I did not grasp the direction of the light that entered and I took it as it was.

reflection, analysis of a little missing picture

With another press.
I think that shooting light on pigs is realistic in town photography, so what should I do. This is the composition.
I feel like raising the presence of pig a little more.

Comparison of aperture and shutter speed

Aperture F1.8, shutter speed 1/1000, ISO 100

Even though the flowers in front did not come out one more time, I feel that the blurring behind my head is bothering me.

Maybe it is due to a very selfish feeling, but is it easy to saturate the blurring yellow? Not limited to Oreston.
I feel that presence will increase as I get blurred. Does this picture feel noisy due to its influence?

Aperture F 8.0, shutter speed 1/1000, ISO 1600

Is the telephone pole on the left behind too conspicuous? I feel that the balance between the front and the back is bad.

Directing direction of shooting, as a portrait lens

Although I’d like to try it for a while, it seems that the lenses that I’d like to try people in recently 50 mm are getting crowded.
You may have to set up opportunities for portraits.

Around where I walked “Sangenjaya”

City recommendation degree ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ = 3

It seems that Sangenjaya has nothing to do with the affairs, so I have never came very much for my profile.

There was a secret shop in there, but there was a lot of it was like a corner, just like being not found.

It is the feeling that every store sees the person’s face of the shop and wants to go through until it becomes familiar if there is a neighborhood.
I also feel like I’d like to live in such a cityscape. Recently.

It’s nice to see the Setagaya Line running in two places, is not it?
When living in this line, it seems that it is interesting to access each cultural area by transversely crossing the Denentomichi line, Odakyu, Keio.

When walking in the back of Sangenjaya station on the Setagaya line, there was a temple near the station if I thought what was going around the way in a terrain that is going round about a residential area somehow.

There was also the meaning of writing as a graduate, it was the atmosphere that there are plenty of facilities in a flat shop rather than a temple.

In Sangenjaya, there are many chain stores in only a single corner of the old city.
Although I just walked a little, I felt that I felt that the feeling that it was packed up is more suitable for walking around the street in the photograph.

I missed taking a picture for a while, but the soba restaurant in front of the Setagaya line was delicious. There was something like a famous store written down, but it was certainly delicious.
Why is Imagawa Yaki also selling at the soba restaurant in the station, when coming near you think that there is a loss when trying to come close.

That is the reason for moving.
Although it will feel a little back from “Matsunoe shrine front” of the last time, there is much that I wanted to get on the Setagaya line a little more, and I got on the Setagaya line from “Sangenjaya station” again.

When I was watching the tourist information of the station which stopped from the window somehow, I found that there are many railroad tracks along this line.
Apparently, Setagaya Hachimangu Shrine, Gotokuji seems to be easy to walk.

So I decided to change train station at “Yamashita Station” this time and make it the Odakyu Line “Gotokuji Temple Station”.

Invincible cat like the symbol of the station.
Next time I will go to the area around Atsutokuji station and go to “Gotokuji”.

Shooting camera information

Canon 5 D mark III

Camera 5 Dmark III, image quality stopped leaving jpg only raw uncompressed shooting. I thought that it was impossible to check the shooting with the camera unless you got jpg on it.
In addition, recently I thought that checking with the camera’s shooting monitor would be incredible.
It is unavoidable, but as the screen is small, the picture becomes tight and the balance of the composition in the frame looks completely different.
Looking at the photographs taken, the one that looked poorly compositioned and took a shot again, when you look at it later, you can not usually take a good picture and the first frame is the best thing? very well.
I am thinking to confirm only the exposure already.

About Mount

[us_mountSelect something="M42_EF"]

Development / Adjustment

Since development is Photoshop CC 2017 and we want to leave the characteristics of the lens in the photograph, the adjustment is limited to the extent that the brightness is equalized by the exposure amount.
I try not to do it as much as possible so that I will keep it in mind at the time of shooting.


Liberation F1.8 ~ F2.5 or so and F8, taking