05 Mar 2019神無月

Finally got it! L39 mount debut with Zorki-4! Take the Jupiter-8 and the Toden-Arakawa line.*

Film Camera

For this year’s film shoot, I want to consciously walk around Tokyo, which I have never walked before. The first thing I thought about was the Toden-Arakawa Line, not the place! And the camera is the third honest Zorki-4!

About Camera

I wrote a story about the L39 mount camera that was a little disappointing with the Zorki-4 at the end of the year, but in fact, it was disappointing with the second Zorki-4 early in the new year.

Second Zorki-4

At the beginning of shooting, it was in good condition, but the film stopped working in the middle.

It took me about a month to switch my mind, and I finally reached the stage of development with the third generation Zorki-4.
It’s sunny for the time being, and it’s the film debut on the Leica L39 mount!

About Lense

Jupiter-8 50mm F2.0 L39

This lens is my favorite reason not only for its depiction but also for its ease of carrying around.
I’ve always wanted to try it on film.
Click here for lens description.
→ 「Jupiter-8 50mm, Soft depiction and cored focus surface. Small old lens of L39 mount in Ogikubo station south side*

Today’s Agenda

– Challenge the Leica L39 mount Jupiter-8 with Zorki-4
– Try riding the Toden-Arakawa Line

Take the Toden-Arakawa Line from Waseda

In front of Waseda Metro Station.
Start from a dynamic high-key.
I feel that the exposure setting does not improve easily when shooting film once in a while.

Anyway, lightly taiyaki for your stomach.
If the shortest shooting distance of Jupiter-8 is 100 cm, hood shooting is a little difficult.

Worship at the shrine in front of the station.

It’s the neighborhood of Kiri who came to the school festival a long time ago, so it’s my first time to have a calm atmosphere on weekdays.
I got the image that it seems to be quite comfortable to live in.

There are some out-of-focus photos when I took a close-up shot.
I wondered if it was out of focus at a short distance, but I wondered if the shortest shooting distance of the lens was ambiguous even with a rangefinder.

Then we arrived at Waseda, the first station on the Toden-Arakawa Line.
It’s a station suddenly.
I came while looking at Google Maps, but when I walked down the road where I was worried whether it really existed, it suddenly appeared in front of me.

Well, before getting on the train, a little about how I decided to get on the Arakawa line.

I want materials for walking around town

I felt that it was a little difficult to go to a city I didn’t know because of my senses and rumors, so I decided to rely on books for some measures from around the end of the year.

And here is what I bought.

I forgot why the author, Asato Izumi, knew what was famous about walking around town, but I thought I should read it from his book when I thought I should learn from my predecessors.
The text that progresses at a nice tempo is a book with a rhythm that is as comfortable as walking around the city.
I forgot why the author, Asato Izumi, knew what was famous about walking around town, but when I thought I should learn from my predecessors, I thought I should read from his book. ..
The text that progresses at a nice tempo is a book with a rhythm that is as comfortable as walking around the city.

Those who do not know Asato Izumi are Yuji Miyake and Mami Yamase, who are the performers of the program “TV Detectives” that was aired in Japan about 30 years ago, and another man with a strong personality. You may understand that.

Take the Toden-Arakawa Line (Tokyo Sakura Tram)

Anyway, based on the knowledge I read during the walk in the 23rd ward of Tokyo, I chose this Toden-Arakawa Line for the first film shooting town walk in the new year.

Peace is peaceful, but it has a completely different atmosphere than the Tokyu Setagaya Line, which has a similar scale.

It’s a small section that runs on the road surface, so it’s an important photo point.
Coupled with the taste of the film, it looks like a Showa era photograph.

The building that had the most presence along the railway line.
The contrast between the taste of the eaves and the signboards on the side and the well-organized storefront can be said to be wabi-sabi.

Even so, it’s an unexpectedly long way.
It seems that it took about an hour from the first train to the last train.
I thought about 30 minutes without permission.

And arrived at the end point Minowa Station.
It is a scene that makes me feel very much when I come to an area different from usual.

The age of Wright is wonderful.
A taste not found in vintage replicas.

A little eastern arcade town.
It was a place where the light was a little difficult, but I wondered if the atmosphere could be taken.

It’s like a set that imitates the street corner of the Showa era.

Finally, test the focus near the near shot with the artificial flowers that you are accustomed to shooting.
Hmmm, the focus should have been on the sunflower in the center.

This should also be in focus on the flower.
It seems that it is difficult for the rangefinder to focus exactly in the first place, but this time it is over with another close-up shooting not going well enough to make me feel that something is fundamentally wrong.