09 Aug 2016神無月

SIGMA dp2 Quattro 30mm in HongKong vol 5. Continue of Lama Island.


Hong Kong ④ It is a continuation from the island country 30 minutes to Lama Island mainland .

Handy play is a 20 minute walk by walk

Since there is no facility for playing,


It is customary to walk to the beach for about 20 minutes.


I will walk for about 20 minutes and the beach again.


The far beach was cleaner.


There are not many people, so it is okay to relax, but it is somewhat pitiful to swim in the ocean because you are concerned about the nearby factory.


Well, since the ocean is large, I think it is too much a matter of concern, but somehow I can see a high chimney nearby. . . (I’m sorry I did not have a picture of a chimney from the beach)

Pictures of Chinese group of women shooting super model wind

It is a sight that I saw many times in my journey,
I took a pose like a top model while shooting pictures of Chinese group women group in public.


Today Japanese people take self-shots while getting citizenship, but there are a lot of shy poses and poses to make cute, many top-model shooting is done .

I wonder if it is completely national.
I left a little impression.

Where is the narrow street


On the island there is a famous alley or street and it continues to the opposite ferry terminal.

DP2 Q 0827

Although it is continuing, the narrow place is the way that the three-wheeled motorbike can somehow intersect, it is not enough to say as a road.


I also use this road to go to the beach, and everyone walks with a furafura feeling.

DP2 Q 0896

Occasionally shops and residences are exotic and there are many picture points, and it is a pleasant journey for photography lovers.



If you walk further beyond the beach, there are poppets and settlements,


The texture of old buildings that are not familiar is a very good feeling.


I do not understand Chinese at all, but I feel that the mind is different from the mainland without pronunciation. There seems to be some accent.
Maybe it was due to mind.

DP2 Q 0884

Walking further on the sidewalk gradually disappears, and it has a light climbing atmosphere.


It is a feeling that goes beyond the hill alone.
If the beach sandals are said that the stairs are being maintained it will regret on the way back.


There are hills with no shade at all, and it is quite hard if the weather is nice.

Island that goes to the bait

I only walked on a day, and after work drinking at a cafe or a balcony at my house.
Although it may be said that there were a lot of things that I was watching over the unexpected foreign landscape and the flow of people.


I feel like that place. It is not a place to go together with a schedule. It is definitely an island that goes only for relaxation.


People are half Chinese, feeling half Western. There are many Westerners who have houses like hosts who have taken care of.

There are many dogs. Cat also

A dog that is in everywhere to come into my eyes as soon as I come to the island.

DP2 Q 11 39

You can walk with people as usual, and you can say that you are a resident.

A cat is also a little.


However, there are many dogs overwhelmingly.


Actually it will be a pet, but what I say is somewhat different from the feeling of Japanese pet is much human-like.


Although I can not describe it a bit well, it seems that my eyes are different, that is the sense of distance of communication with people.

DP2 Q 1040

Of course, those who dislike dogs think that they are completely bad distance feeling.


It is like feeling for reference.

DP2 Q 1143

All five stories Hong Kong travel record end

So “five trip to Hong Kong travel book” divided in translation is finished around here.
Macao thought about going, but I gave up this time because I want to slowly get tired of each land rather than hurrying around various places.


I’d like to try slowly in various places while taking pictures.

Lens and manufacturer introduction

Although it is a horizontally long form that seems to be difficult at first glance, it is familiar to the unexpected hand and easy to use dp2 Quattro.

SIGMA dp2 Quattro 30mm F2.8

It is a high grade version of dp 2 of Condeji.

shooting information

I shoot clearly the contrast and sharp of the color mode of the camera.
That means that the saturation of Hong Kong and the texture of the building will come out.

Also, since there is no disclosure of raw profile for Photoshop from SIGMA, it takes considerable time to develop raw data, so I will use it as it is, although I want to use it but I’m taking a picture that is hard to see a bit.
In other words, the photograph of jpg in which the color mode worked is the main for posting.

In that case, we adjust according to the saturation and sharpness of other photos.

As the ISO increased, the setting at the time of shooting was pretty noisy, so I always thought that I was adjusting the ISO so that the shutter speed would not be less than 1/10 while watching ISO.
After that the aperture was fixed to open and the white balance was surely taken with auto.