12 Aug 2016神無月

Fluffy lines. It is not perfect lens condition but the taste has come to light! Konishiroku Hexar 50mm F 3.5 1953*


Lens and manufacturer introduction

Konishiroku Hexar that I tried before I properly write the lens review article on this blog.

Article when purchasing Konishiroku Hexar. -> I tried taking Hexar with early-bloom cherry

Konishiroku Hexar 50 mm / F 3.5 Leica L 1953
DSC 03070
Cleaning the lens several times, cloudiness was improved somewhat, but this time walking town which I took out with the intention of the last memorial as if it is the limit or not.

On the way back from the way I shot all the way, I was giving up as I thought it was no good either way, I took a look at the use of this lens, or even the new landscape of how to use the old lens, in a way I tried somehow!

Write in order.

Today’s Agenda

· Although I cleaned it up again, it was soft focused with cloudiness and wiping scratches on aging lenses Konishiroku Hexar. Choice for the last memorial.

Line depiction, color taste

Even if you narrow it down to F8, this line.

It feels fluffy.

Filter state of soft focus completely when opening the aperture.

Well. Honestly harsh.
I wonder if this is less convenient than the iPhone.

160720_DSC09248_Konishiroku50mm I hope this is aimed, but I think Soft focus is like a fashion trend of a long ago and a slightly disgusting feeling (only myself?)

Release F3.5
But even if this mood is around the gate, I wonder if it’s okay to feel retro.

If it narrows down, is this distance feeling and the object possible?

160720_DSC09260_Konishiroku50mm However, since the halation is great, it is difficult to use it.
The position of the light source in the photograph is important, but if you halt immediately from there, it seems that everything looks like the same picture.

To a topic that is slightly away from the lens

Although I had a little use and went to Hatchobori, I was walking down the street with Konishi Rokko,

When getting close to the river a little away from the station, the area along this river was cleaned up, which is a little shooting point.

Although there was also a guide board, there was a promenade for a long time, it is a feeling that there is little feeling and the picture is easy to take.

There are many places of paintings that I’ve seen somewhat like something.

Bill and river can be used in distant view, and the front is easy to delimit the frame with a fence.

It is a good place for portrait shooting.


I feel that the picture collapses due to blurring, soft focus and halation. .

If the focused surface is a bit sharper, I think that these flowers will be somewhat easier, but hmm, this is a bit strict.

Release F3.5
Normally, the frame with release and depth is easy to establish, but as you can understand even by comparing the photographs below, the rope as the subject on the front should be a bit sharper if it does not go out sharply.

However, it feels a little lonesome to squeeze and lose the sense of distance to the back.

color, flare, ghost

Even with the pictures up to the above, I think that many halations of light source positions were too strong,

Ghosts will soon come out.
Since it is an old lens, there would be no choice but to combine with Soft Focus’ s taste it would be interesting that it turned into a fluffy picture.

The same Konishiroku Hexar I tried with a map camera was pretty sharp though. . .

Purchase route, repair and versatility, reference at purchase

Konishiroku Hexar 50mm/F3.5 Leica L39 Min distance 100cm, 1953年

Shopping at Yahoo auctions of about 20,000 yen.

The appearance is beautiful for the age, it is definitely true that with the notation that there is light cloudiness if it is strong light, compared to other old lenses, I feel that the cloudiness of that strong light will affect the reflection .

However, the collapsible Japanese old lens.
There is a taste of feeling that it makes me happy just looking at it. I do not feel like letting go. I wonder if the inhabitants of the lens swamp know that. Lol

Now looking at eBay something awesome.
There are something like 170,000 yen from around 30,000 yen. I was surprised.
By the way it may have been not using eBay yet when I bought this Hexar.

Although the number is small, if it is Yahoo auction, it is around 30,000 to 70,000 yen.

It was much cheaper than the market price. Perhaps the symptoms of the cloudiness of the lens were natural.

And I noticed! The taste of this lens alone!

And on the way home from Hatchobori.
If one worked at Starba in Kyobashi, the world has also gone.

Shooting the city somehow while making the creative style black and white, as if to walk underground in Ginza as a preliminary inspection of the “Tokyo underground city” planned last month.

What is this old and nostalgic taste and scent !?

Even a simple picture will come true with the taste coming out!

Yes, this aged deterioration lens, if it is taken at night, when ISO comes up and noise mixes with soft focus, it turned out to be like a film camera of a long ago!

If you remember, this water gate that you took in the daytime is also like a film camera.

I noticed, rather than trying to take a picture now, if you raise the shutter speed etc and raise the noise further roughened “Natural film camera like digital mirrorless camera” finished! !

So I thought of the picture above or someone who is far away and I thought it was a failure, but if I improve a little more how to shoot it surely will be able to produce a taste like Ginza night even in the daytime.

Is not there anyone who can do this shooting?

Although I clearly reveal the inside of my hand, I think that it will be okay even if I write well as there are many places that only this lens can do in a sense.

Directing direction of shooting, as a portrait lens

In other words, I’d like to do portraits with the above “Natural film camera-like digital mirrorless camera photo”.

The filter taste comes out from the beginning with a large resolution without filtering Instagram.

Around where I walked

I wrote a bit on the top, but I walked near the river around Hatchobori.

There is somewhat atmosphere like the backstreet of Tsukiji but it is also feeling more relaxed.

Although there is nothing in particular there is something like the old buildings, so I think that it is a town that can be enjoyed even while walking while doing the vogue Pokemon GO.

There was a shop like Bar though it was just a little.