27 Jan 2018神無月

Flektogon 50mm F4.0 in Shinjyuku-gyoen. Discover a decky flektogon with a presence!

When I was looking at Yahoo auction, I found a rugged model of familiar Zebra pattern Flektogon. It is also affordable. This is fate.

Lens information

Carl Zeiss Jena / Flektogon Zerba 50mm F4.0

I knew that there were several kinds of fret goggins, but I did not try too much other than M42 mount with high general versatility.
However, since the 35 mm zebra pattern has been used many times, it is also a favorite lens that is also making staple items for repair sale, so other models are also worrisome.
I wanted to be a human being familiar with this lens.

With a considerably huge lens attached to α 7 it looks something like this, it may be slightly larger than VEGA – 7 you tried before.
And like that VEGA – 7 it was a great halation.

Today’s Agenda

– Know the depiction of Flektogon with standard angle of view.
– Actually, I have never been to Shinjuku Gyoen.
– Take pictures with homemade hood on.

Introduction Halation is a big problem

It is suddenly a big problem.

Halation is amazing.

Cutting out a hare and showing it somehow.

However, I paid money as quickly as I entered Shinjuku Gyoen, so I want to return home with some degree of deliverables.

But I gave up and moved to the city of Shinjuku.
I thought that it would be hard to cause halation unless it was a place opened like a park, but it does not seem to be related at all.

Is it easy for halation to occur as the lens is large?

Although it might be good for seasoning this much…

Forcibly attach the lens hood

When reviewing the photographs I took, it was a photograph that can not be very much an article because of halation and poorly saturated photos due to bad weather.

Took by iPhone

So I thought about adding a hood on a sunny day.
But we did not have a hood that matched the filter diameter of Flektogon 50mm, so we decided to substitute SAMYANG 85mm hood.

Forcibly wearing with curing tape. It became more decisive.
This is very effective.

This stability feeling when wearing a hood. Besides, the weather is good on this day, so colors are appearing more than at Shinjuku Gyoen.
This has expectation.

By the way, this state when you remove the hood.
This has changed only by the window.

If this is the case, it will be a good white feeling with a sense of whiteness of halation, showing the photos soft.

I have become much better for the moment, so I’d like to compare it with or without hood wearing.

Bokeh, depiction around the frame, color

I guess it’s OK.
I do not quite understand when asked if it seems like Flektogon, but as a 50mm expression it is a reasonable atmosphere.

Hell condition of the focusing side, contrast, backward feeling etc. I feel like Flektogon 35mm.
After all the point is halation.

Background The blurred highlight surface feels like Carl Zeiss Jena’s old lens.

The highlight on the upper right is like Flektogon. If so, is the focusing surface more soft than 35mm?

Shinjuku Gyoen Cloudy

Although the weather is bad we do not shine color taste, but as a depiction it seems like Old-like taste can be felt.
Even so, it is a picture of cold weather.

It is a bench and under the grass.
I can see a little swirly blur.

It was a frame I wanted to add more light and dark, but since the weather was disastrous in the first place, it was impossible to add contrast.

Resolution, sharpness, aberration

Sounds good
If this sharp feeling and softness, it seems to be said that there is goodness like Old lens.

The feeling of sharpness of water spirals seems to be flektogon.
I also feel that old lenses will be familiar with old things.

It is like the halation goes into the dark before the highlight saturates.

It fits the faded industrial products just like a 35 mm flektogon.

This color balance and contrast is good.
Somehow it seems to be similar to the depiction of Meyer-Optik’s old lens.

Shinjukugyoen cloudy

It was not a shot with a contrast because the weather was so bad, but on the other hand you can see the texture of a soft old lens.

Let’s try tightening with Raw.

If the weather is okay it would have been such a feeling.
The kindness of the highlight part of the tree is good.

It was unexpectedly stable if inside the room.

With this picture, lenses that can be sharpened may be better.
I want to take pictures with at least a wider angle.

Purchase info, reference at the time of purchase

Carl Zeiss Jena / Flektogon Zerba 50mm F4.0

The front lens is about the size of the palm and it is bigger than modern lenses.

It is like this when it is aligned with familiar Flektogon 35mm.

Flektogon 20mm which seems to be the bigger one is about this. You can feel the size.

Purchase info

eBay Price,
It will be around $ 300 when you put shipping costs.
Since it is a Pentacon SIx mount, it is a bit hard to handle and it is an impression that the value extends.

Honestly, I can not recommend it unless it is a considerable lens geek.

Walking around info

Shinjuku Gyoen is the first time in my life to be close to the mid-40s.
I thought that I did not have to go to the park until I paid 200 yen.

“Shinjuku Gyoen” town recommendation degree★★★★☆=4

Shinjuku Gyoen which is famous as an oasis in the city center.
I thought that stupid big lens would be inconspicuous here.

It might be fine if the weather is nice and green.
It was a somewhat lonesome day.

A small book that seems to be only aiming as to who put it.
Shinjuku Gyoen ‘s bench and paperback book. it very matchs.

I feel that it is this feeling that the weather is bad as well.
The DoCoMo tower that rises straight is swaying in the water of a historic pond and it is a good taste of new and old intersection.

Because it’s a big deal, we eat breakfasts like this place and take a break.
It is the gender of the production shop that thinks that it is better to say “Welcome to Shinjuku Gyoen”.

It is a sweet alcohol that looks delicious pictorially. Another hand did not grow.

It was my first time to walk downtown Shinjuku, but there are plenty of places to taste unexpected. I want to go back again.

Contrary to the image of neon, the building seemed quite old and it seemed to be a back alley where the light reflected gently.

I’d like to take a step back by another lens.

Walking around neighborhood

I walked a couple of days after the heavy snowfall in January, but I still have plenty of time left.

Contrast might have increased as much as there was snow reflection.

About camera

Camera : SONY a7
Aperture : F4.0 – F5.6
Shutter speed : almost 1/400 or 1/1000
Image quality : raw