03 Jun 2016神無月

Can sharpness and ultra-wide-angle lens be used in city photography? Voigtlander SUPER WIDE – HELIAR 15mm F4.5.


Lens and manufacturer introduction

The history of Voigtlander is quite old, started as a manufacturer of optical instruments from the mid 1700s, it seems that it grew to be a leading manufacturer in a long time, but after the Second World War backward, some Trademark right moved company, now Koshina has trademarks and develops and sells.

SUPER WIDE – HELIAR 15mm F4.5 Aspherical III
DSC 03058

Although it is not an old lens at all, when taking photographs indoors or shops in contract work, it is a lens that I bought because it seems narrow if it is not about this angle of view.

Wide field of view!
DSC 05979 _ 160522 _ Voigtlander 15mm

Many of Old’s super wide-angle lenses have distortion too tight or many that color cast around the image, I could not find a good lens that can be used with the mirrorless single-lens 7 7 ii, but this news of 10 mm release of this lens When I found it, I noticed the presence of 15mm.

Even with test shots and the reputation on the net, it was a relatively affordable price band, as well as being distinguished from super wide-angle problems, any point such as distortion, light loss, color casting etc., I bought it.

Today’s Agenda

· Since I have used it only for taking pictures of the space inside the shop, interior, etc. at work, try to see how much it can be taken with city photography.
· Watch concerning the wide angle, see the condition outside the peripheral light loss and the surrounding color cast.
· Leica M mount helicoid macro to see if a slightly different picture can be taken.

Lineweight, Sharp

Awesome sharp!
This is exhausted.

I am surprised by the sharpness of the lens right now because I’ve been taking just about 50 years ago on lenses.

DSC 05959 _ 160522 _ Voigtlander 15mm
Although I said that, I used Zeiss Distagon 25 mm of modern lens until a while ago, so I think that it is quite good compared with it.

Moreover, it extends to sharp radial just like this even to ultra wide angle alone.


It is not the lens that expects blur because it is the shortest shooting distance of 50 cm at F4.5, but I attempted to leave a Leica M helicoid macro attached.

[us_mountSelect something="LeicaM_NEX_Macro"]

I feel blurred if I get close to the focusing surface and put depth too. To be honestly faint and blurry.

However, just like a general lens, if the aperture is released, the amount of ambient light falls pretty well, so it will make you feel a bit tasty.

It is fine if you desire the fallen ambient light amount, but it is quite difficult to take a shooting such as shooting the landscape and the subject in front with a sense of distance. The distortion and wide angle of view also reflects problems that do not need to be reflected.

This is normal aperture release
The focused is a flower standing in front of the wall almost. In this case the area around the ground was slightly blurred and the shadow became a good feeling.

It is a picture that I do not appreciate much, but as a sample of blur.
I am aligning pins with the back flowers.

Although it does not make a patch, it will be helpful as a close range, middle focus point, depth.

color, flare, ghost

DSC 05946 _ 160522 _ Voigtlander 15mm
As expected it is like a lens at the time, it is strong against backlighting, and ghost heads to the subject and the sun without much consciousness.

This picture seems to burn a strobe, but in fact it is just taking a picture with release. I think that the center seems to be bright like a strobe because of the fall in the amount of light in the surroundings instead of internal reflection.

This is a state squeezed a little.

Purchase route, repair and versatility, reference at purchase

At the shortest shooting distance of 50 cm, Leica M mount, spring release of 2015, I bought it with the map camera’s regular price of 76,800 yen.

SUPER WIDE-HELIAR 15mm F 4.5 Aspherical III Voigtlander
DSC 03058

In the spring of 2016, SONY E – mount ‘s ones are on sale, and autofocus does not work, but you can use “auto – focusing focusing function” like.
Although it is difficult to explain the “auto zoom magnification focusing function”, what seems to be the magnifying button of α 7 works in conjunction with the shutter. I touched it at the exhibition hall. I thought that it would not be necessary if α7, so I bought a usual Leica M mount.

In eBay’s market, it seems almost like selling from Japan, so if you buy second hand, you may as well as turn around the camera shop normally.

Looking back and analyzing the pictures that I thought was able to be successful

I think I worked hard.


Since the macro was also attached and the wind was blowing as it was, chasing the flowers in the middle with close distance was quite difficult.
Really wanted to bring flowers in the middle.

reflection, analysis of a little missing picture

There are lots of missing pictures.
To be honest I could not take it well.


As long as the field angle is wide, it is difficult to use blur as a taste, and it is a difficult lens for town shooting in Japan.

I think that it is not suitable for the city of Japan where the road width is narrow and it is difficult to take the subject and the distance, and there are many reflections of signboards etc. that break pictures.
It is bearish.

Directing direction of shooting, as a portrait lens

Naturally I think that nature is nice, but it is impossible for such a sight at town shooting in Tokyo easily, so I think that the subject is quaint wall.
Nonetheless, even though the walls in Japan find places that are quirky, there are a lot of mineral signs to reflect and it is difficult to framing.

DSC 06367 _ 160525 _ Voigtlander 15mm

I think that the feeling of short distance is also good if there are plenty of places of this texture, but it seems that it is quite limited in Japan.

Aperture F8 around

I think that it can be fun to shoot when there is a taste on the wall and a town overseas with few signs.

shooting information

The camera SONY α7Ⅱ, image quality raw uncompressed, developing software, but you have to adjust a little “exposure amount” “white level” by photos PhotoshopCS6, is also often out to take of it.

The aperture was open to F4.5 ~ F8, the shutter speed was quite windy but the weather was good so we were able to secure the brightness so it is around 1/200 to 1/400.

ISO is the adjustment of the nuance of the aperture as priority and priority at the end.
White balance is a sunny preset when the sun is high. Since I was already in the evening on my way home after break I am shooting with a cloudy preset.