24 Jun 2016神無月

Affordable taste of bokeh monsters PENTACON electric 135mm F2.8*

160615_DSC 07453__electric135mm

Lens and manufacturer introduction

After the war, there seemed to be several lawsuits named as represented by Zeiss and consolidation and consolidation, and although the brand name has changed, it is handed down to the lens of the company which absorbed, but it is in a similarly different lens with a different name There was something to happen.

PENTACON electric 135mm / F2.8 M42 Manufactured perhaps per 1980
PENTACON electric 135mm F2.8 Taste the atmosphere of Bokeh monsters at an affordable price.

One of the consolidation and consolidation, it seems that there was a lens in which Meyer absorbed pentacon, and the technology of Mayer was inherited.
However, it seems to be difficult to find detailed records of each lens, and it seems that there are many stories about the history of lenses that have been predicted even if they are searched on the web.

Meanwhile, PENTACON electric got somehow purchased in bulk.


It is affordable and the coating is quite bald, but it looks somewhat well.

Today’s Agenda

· Also aimed at Saul writer this time, adjusted to atmosphere with color.
· When I used it before , I took only a little, so try this exactly this time.

Lineweight, Sharp

Although it is close to the previous Jupiter-11 135mm , the description is different so much, but again the fun of the old lens This time I can not help feeling.

160615_DSC07330__electric 135mm

Well, Jupiter – 11 was in the mid 1950 ‘s. The PENTACON electric this time is different from the 1980s, 25 years from 30 years, it is natural that depiction is different as parents and children are far apart.

Compared to modern lenses, although the focus side is as sharp as it is, it is a line that feels the taste of the difference between the times as well since it is different from the 1980s, even one generation further.

160615_DSC07354__electric 135mm

The sun came out from the clouds a bit in Yoyogi Park, but I took it presets with cloudiness, and the yolk crashed, but the omission is nice.
I think that it was around F5.

160615_DSC07355__electric 135mm

Shooting while squeezing a little around here.
After thinking carefully, Zeiss Planer 100 mm was the longest focal length for the telephoto system of the modern lens we had until now.


It was also for the portfolio, I was thinking that it would be a bit of a thing to capture the expression of eyes etc, I have never used a focal length beyond that.


So what is the 135mm sharpness in the first place?

160615_DSC 07426__electric135mm

Either way, you should stand if you sharpen.
The lens is also heavy and I take pictures of distant subjects while pulling them on hand.

160615_DSC07471__electric 135mm
This is a yellow helicoid with a macro helicoid, but it is quite close, but this is where you need a stand.

The color taste is standard, the contrast is standard without problems, it may be like a symbol of an inexpensive lens of this age.

160615_DSC 07486__electric135mm

If you capture the atmosphere far from this, is it a good sharp?
I think that it is easier to produce a taste if not too tight.

Then, when writing this article I was watching lens articles in the web and there was also a falling color.

160615_DSC07436__electric 135mm

There was occasionally a color that I do not know well when I set the white balance to “AUTO” when strong sunlight is appearing.


It seems that the camera misunderstands the color through the lens. Is it a problem of coating deterioration or yellowing? As for the story of this neighborhood there is a page which is written in more detail, so those who are worried have to googled.

Bokeh taste

The blur of F2.8 is too blurred enough. Looking at this blur, I feel like resembling Orestor 135mm of Meyer-Optik, which is said to be a bokeh monster.
In some cases, it is melting blur so that you do not know what is shown.


However, this degree of blurring is a way to get hooked, and if you want to put out the subject in a stretch fashion, it is about no more blur.

160615_DSC07344__electric 135mm

However, this lens, few lenses in my lens, it is a lens that two-line blurring appears exactly.


I have two lines of sharp blur on my stem.
There is no heart or two-line blur that I feel like being asked frequently for lenses of this age.

160615_DSC 07401__electric135mm

With this lens I also feel easy to get around F4.0 – F5.6 slightly focused.

Liberation F2.8
per F 5.0
DSC 07412
Depending on the distance to the subject, it is very rough.

160615_DSC07345__electric 135mm
However, it is still fun, easy to adjust blur in the place where there is a distance in the depth, this lens which probably contains the gene of bokeh monster Orestor 135mm.

160615_DSC07373__electric 135mm
There is a feeling of flowing a little, which can not be said to be a blurred bokeh,
Personally I say that the habit which said this, because it is easy as a gimmick, it is a fun element.

160615_DSC 07484__electric135mm

There is a distance behind this, so if you can put a light source you can bring it to a good feeling.

color, flare, ghost

160615_DSC 07540__electric135mm
Blowing away with release,

I took it to backlight, but ghost did not enter much.

Previously, I took tomorrow portrait Sometimes it was fun as well as flare, but I could not reproduce it this time.
In retrospect, I feel like it was the sun behind the backdrop at dusk.

Purchase route, repair and versatility, reference at purchase

The minimum shooting distance of 170 cm is somewhat closer to 100 cm.

PENTACON electric 135mm / F2.8 M42 170 cm Manufactured perhaps per 1980
PENTACON electric 135mm F2.8 Taste the atmosphere of Bokeh monsters at an affordable price.

Purchasing is included in Yahoo auctions at around 8,500 yen.
On eBay, will it be about the same price if it is 5,000 yen or so, which is a little cheaper and shipping included?

Also, in this article several coming out, the original Blurred Monster Meyer-Optik Orestor 135mm.
But, is this about 15,000 to 20,000 yen? As far as searching, as compared with the lens PENTACON electric, there are few two-line blur, and it seems that the lens blur will appear beautifully. I want to try someday.

In addition, there is Orestor 100 mm in the brother of the head family Boke monster Orestor 135mm, but this is not at all at all It is a different harder blur.

As a digression, today the UK ‘s withdrawal from the EU has been decided.
It seems that the yen is getting higher, but will it become advantageous if you look at lens purchase alone?
World crisis and articles also appeared, will it change in the world?

Looking back and analyzing the pictures that I thought was able to be successful

160615_DSC07453__electric 135mm
I think that it may be too much, but if you try it as a picture it seems that it is established.

I’d like to aim for my own pictures and pictures that are almost finished in the viewfinder instead of postprocessing, but are not my ideas slightly different from this picture?

reflection, analysis of a little missing picture

When I was taking a break at a shop near the west exit of Yoyogi Park, the sparrow came very close.


I seem to be used to getting food, getting on the table and getting quite close.

I took it, but it’s not another fun.
Until I decided a fixed position and came there, I tried hard and waited and I took a couple of photos, but I can not take cute shots and feel something strange.

Although it feels good as a still picture if it is about this, I wonder how I was able to express the pleasure that comes closer to the sparrow that will approach closely. It is a bit of a challenge.

Directing direction of shooting, as a portrait lens

I also wrote in the section titled “Tint, Flare, Ghost”, but this brilliant flare and this deep blur are very easy to use for portrait photography.

Tohoku shooting portrait in the past

The shortest shooting distance is 170 cm and a little distance is necessary, but it is easy to blur out if there is a place with a little depth, so it is very easy for people to stand out.

Is the concern as a little big and heavy as an old lens?
“Heavy” “Great” I think that it is quite a big factor for town picking that you want to move easily.

Around where I walked

DSC 07501
It is like feeling like stable flowerbed in Yoyogi Park near two places.
Roses are good now and it is blooming now.

shooting information

Camera is SONY α 7 II, image quality raw uncompressed.


The development software is Photoshop CS6 raw, and depending on the photograph, “exposure level” “white level” is adjusted somewhat, but it is taken as it is and it is often taken out.
Moreover, since I want to put the special color of the lens on the front in this blog, I have not adjusted such that the characteristics of the lens change, such as “contrast” “clarity” “saturation”.
But this time, as I wrote in the article there were some pictures of color balance breakdown, so I adjusted the white balance.

[us_mountSelect something="M42_NEX_Macro"]
Mount uses the same as this side where the macro works.
The same thing as myself was out of stock right now.

For this time, the diaphragm opens to about F2.8 to F 8, it was feeling that blurring disappeared from around F 5 at a stroke so releasing F2.8 to F 5 is mostly.
In order to reduce blur, 1/200 is the axis, ISO used priority for the nuance of the aperture and finally for adjustment.
White balance was based on preset shade, but when occasionally sunlight strongly points, I shot with “AUTO” or “Sunny weather”.