27 Sep 2017神無月

Sharp and easy to take VEGA-5U 105mm But considerable halation !? ︎ in Soshigayaokura and in Shimokitazawa

Zeiss Biometar is a minor lens that can not be found except for information with a magnifying lens under copying. I think that it is a lens of a relatively interesting class as an individuality.

Lens, Camera Information

VEGA-5U F4 105mm

This lens of considerable size including helicoid part.
Actually, it is a lens I borrowed, so it will be a slightly long story, so I will write it in the second half.

If it is a7, the mount of M42 is also in this balance.
The lens side is heavy and it looks like Gibson’s guitar “Firebird” which has a heavy neck and leans forward.

Firebird / Gibson

Today Agenda

– How is the picture of VEGA-5U with little information?
– Can I use 105 mm of the telephoto angle almost in urban shooting?
– To the town “Soshigaya Okura” where I was interested
– Flow to borrow the modified version


It will be a beautifully melting blur, and the shape will remain a hard blur.
Anyway, it is a great halation.

Even if I closed the aperture, it is halation. If you think that the angle of view of 105mm, I think that it is just good blur and halation.

The feeling of a slightly harder blur is close to the depiction of the Orestor 100 mm.
As halation is omitted, the sharpness of the focusing surface also looks like a Meyer-like image.

Here, I managed to catch the sun while fleeing the halation.
In the highlight part of the focus surface and the atmosphere that becomes sweeter as it goes to the end.

It was in the shadows, but the light from the front caused so much halation.
I think the flow from the focus plane to the blur is very beautiful, but it is quite difficult to use.

Stepped blur is a fun part of the telephoto lens.
The front blur is beautiful and the yellow paper with accents is also beautiful.
If the adjustment of the light source is successful, it may be said that the lens has a wide expression range.

Since it is a telephoto lens, it may be an interesting idea to cut off the subject at a distance from the subject, and abstract it in conjunction with halation.

It is a challenge while thinking that it will be useless
After all it is halation feeling, but thinks that the atmosphere of this place could be expressed. I think that the blur and the sense of stability of the focusing surface are outstanding.

As an interesting point, this lens is quite unusual for a 105 mm medium telephoto, and it can move up to a nominal 20 cm.
Because helicoid part is a separate attachment, it may be possible to stop until it collides if it is a mount that can be extended.

Adjusted by “dehaze”

We have dealt with halation issues a lot, but in fact, in Photoshop Raw and the Light room, if you use the “dehaze” function, that area may be cleared.

I have not denied it as an option at all (or rather I’m quite, former Photoshoper), but in this blog I want to take care of things like interactions with the lens at the time of shooting, so I put a dare unadjusted photo.

Resolution, sharp, aberration

This sharp!
It’s interesting that there are some areas where the contrasts are beautiful and some halations around.

However, if the angle is incorrect, this flare will make it difficult to understand what the contrast on the focusing surface is.

If light does not come to the lens, or if it is blocked, the texture will be better and it will fit in a relatively calm focus plane.

It is a signboard with a fairly high position, but it was kept quite sharp.
The background blur is broken in color, but the signboard is kept.
Even if you look at the photos so far, the color may be relatively stable, even with halation.

It is a good sizzle feeling with contrast that does not seem to be the same lens if put in the shadow. It is fried from a model.

It feels like there is a story or something, and it is a shot that I like personally.
The streaks of light that are diagonally in the flower bring an interesting balance to the focus plane.

Such a frame is difficult because the peripheral light may not be lost if it is 105 mm.
I think that the atmosphere will come out if at least the contrast comes, but with this lens the conditions are a little too difficult.

As I said many times, it’s easy to use in the shadows.
How to get familiar with blur is very beautiful.

About this lens

Minimum 20cm, 1991, Blades 6, 4 group 5 lenses

This lens had no helicoid at the time of purchase.
It feels just like the upper part of the lens.

I bought eBay, there are 8 pictures of the product, and the condition is generally good.
The lens that arrived had oil stains on the aperture blades, but it was clean as a whole.

However, with the movable M42 macro mount in Uchi, the diameter does not fit.

It seems that I need a ring and mount to convert the shape once, but I have a knowledge of this area close to zero.
Recently, thanks to repair sales, only certain genres are unusually detailed, but the compatibility of flange backs and fine mounts is still a wild place.

I was thinking of trying to remodel it someday, but after half a year in a while, I decided to sell it because it was a task that I would probably go back in the future.

For those who bought me to lend

However, I don’t really know what happens in the world, and those who purchased it look at this blog, and after remodeling the mount, it will be lent to me.

I thought a little by all means, but I thought that it would be nice if this blog could not only be sent out, but also something that would eventually become a place, so be patient in favor of those who met as part of that I did.
Thank you very much.

It seems that I have not been so much since I started Old Lens, but my camera history is a person who has a long history of technical ideas and deep articles.
This VEGA-5U is also an article.
Very high level!!
If you are interested around the mount is a must see.

About purchase

On eBay, it costs around $ 50 for shipping. There is usually no helicoid, but it is relatively affordable.
However, as mentioned above, since remodeling of the mount is impossible for the amateur, I think that it may be severe unless it is an advanced person.

Where I walked

I came a few years ago and I thought it was a good-quality shopping street, but I thought it was more maintained than I thought, and there were a few elements in town photography.

“Soshigayaokura” city recommendation degree of recommendation★★☆☆☆=2

Soshigaya Okura is the birthplace of Ultraman.

There were a couple of ultraman-related objects, but since it is a character, it is hard to find the subject if it is difficult to find.

If it’s a 105mm telephoto angle, it will tend to be a frame that tends to focus on a single point, so it may not be a good match with this city.

To Shimokitazawa on another day

So I wondered if the photos were not enough, I took photos at Shimokitazawa on another day.

There are a lot of things that match the whiteness of the halation, and it’s a city that doesn’t bother the frame.

Even a little thing has a sense of presence and is easy to feature features.

Since it was almost raining, I took a light shot and ended this time.

About camera

Camera : SONY a7
Image quality : raw