16 Jul 2018神無月

Take a gentle picture of Jupiter-9 85mm with a film camera! Walking around the same streets again Asagaya.

Film Camera

I came to Asagaya for about the same reason as about a year ago.
So I decided to bring out the same Jupiter-9 as I did a year ago. How compatible is Jupiter-9 with a film camera?

Jupiter-9 85mm

LZOS Jupiter-9 85mm F2.0

Jupiter-9 is a medium telephoto lens ideal for portrait with soft blurring and delicate portrayal.
It was a good depiction in the case of the old town shoot, with a digital camera.

I tried that Jupiter-9 this time with film!

Today’s agenda

– Try your own growth with the same place and the same lens about a year ago.
– Blur, Sharp etc. mainly talk about Jupiter-9 85mm
– Descriptions, texture etc. mainly talk about film expression axis
– Story of composition
– For a walk in Asagaya

Blur, Sharp etc. mainly talk about Jupiter-9 85mm

It was perfect if lowering the exposure one more step.
Recently though I think it is a good taste of the shadow part when looking at a large size, but it is regrettable that if you shrink it to a blog size image it will not be visible.

I began to film with film and now I feel the influence on the reflection of the lens coating.
I feel that the influence is stronger than digital.

I think that this time Jupiter-9 is probably a single coating.
As I think that Industar-61 of the last posting is a multi-coating, differences may appear in halation and coloring.

It is a mannequin in the shop, a bit hard to understand?

It is a good condition for the whole exposure.
In this frame it was good to raise the mannequin about two more steps.

It seems like Jupiter-9’s change is quite interesting as I narrowed it a little.
The depiction that the dark line increases the contrast also felt in the atmosphere like a painting.

This is a true opposite description.
The front blur is a soft and soft expression of the focusing surface from softness, it does not look like the very same lens.

I set the main subject at one point, the back is a shot that struck me far.
Very good taste with film feeling on the white wall on the front.
It seems that portrait is going to be good soon.

Is it a little extraordinary unless you can not get deeper into deep inside a short distance?
I think that it would be better to take pictures around semi-wide Flektogon.

Descriptions, texture etc. mainly talk about film expression axis

Light falls from the gap of Yamate street running on the track, the focus is blurred because it was aligned with the opposite side of the railroad crossing.

In the form, the highlight part is very easy to lift, it is funny being emphasized by the glowing feeling of the effect.

I also took the opposite place shot from the opposite.
Even if the pins match, the glow feeling is a strong presence and a good presence.

I wanted to take only the atmosphere without deciding the main, I opened the aperture.
I think that it is okay for this subject to be opened because the position of the focus is easy to shift because of the telephoto oblique subject.

Even models, film cameras have a little taste. I also feel that noise appears on the light reflected on the window with a good taste.
However, this also has a taste when looking at a larger image. .
Maybe I should buy a scanner.

The color ride of Jupiter-9 on the film comes out with a good feeling.
Although it is a feeling that this is a step before the brilliant, it seems that the color ride is better than the memory color, and the dullness condition has a taste like the memory color.

It was a place like the atmosphere of
Nippori Textile Street, but in Jupiter-9 there is no blurring, so the description is quite different.
I feel the atmosphere is similar somewhere in the Russian lens.

This is a blurred picture of the flyer on the focus side.
However, this way of thinking is also interesting.

There is a friend who made an oversized print out of the photo and painted a color from above and made a work of a good taste.
The feeling of adding analog while making full use of digital is also a little interesting direction.

Story of composition

I personally like it very much.
I think that the exposure is about one step lower and I think it is about, I feel that this is perfectly compatible with the back black back. Moreover, I feel that this contrast feeling is difficult in digital.

Although it seems to be a simple so-called three-part composition, I am pleased that the goodness of the film has made me feel it.

I feel like I was able to take it well though.
The balance of the contrast is also nice and it is also nice that the main subject was established as a matter of despite being shifted from the grid-like line.

The focus of the focus on the focus surface is sweet.
It seems that it is causing halation with the light from the right, but it may be camera shake.
However, it seems that the taste is good.
I feel that the balance with the light at the upper left of the pick is balancing the composition.

Long ago, I used to take pictures favorably before I started old lens.
Telescope may feel as flat as emphasis on planarity.
As a picture I wish a little more contrast.

For a walk in Asagaya

Also start from the same shopping area on the side of South Asagaya station.

The uncle stuck to the wall was also alive.

A camera-loving master came to the second floor cafe in the middle of the shopping street.
I got crowded when I talked, I could only speak a little. I’d like to stay as I go nearby.

The shop where the SALE tag was exquisitely last time was hydrangea in a good position this time.
It is a city where it is a picture.


With specifications of the lens and purchase etc. If you can see the previous post.


film camera PRAKTICA MTL5

The camera is Praktica MTL 5 made by Pentacon, fourth generation in 1983.
It is in good condition. I will make it a main camera for a while.
Film is Fujifilm's standard ISO 100 36shots.