01 Feb 2018神無月

Jupiter-9 85mm F2.0 – Repaired lenses test shoots –

I gathered test shots of the lenses exhibited at Yahoo auction in Japan.

Former type

Jupiter-9, famous for lens geeks, as a lens that can take portraits in a soft atmosphere.
You can enjoy blur like Helios. Four corners are stable and obediently soft melting blur, focusing close to the field of view,
I think that it is a considerably strong lens in the composition that concentrates on one point such as a person.

Later type

Perhaps M42 mount case is considered to be two kinds.
I feel strong in the latter half whether the coating is strong or halation.

The functional side is almost same, it is slightly heavier than the general old lens.

79year Former type

Is it karasumi?
I wonder how good it will be to sell as it is.

It is getting warmer, easy to walk, light is also calm and thankful.

This is Jupiter-9 like depth, blur and focus.

It may be easier to handle the unexpected landscape with 85 mm

84year Former type

Although it is shade, the softness of a bright place is compatible with this lens.

In a similar shade of the room.
I feel good not having this crispy.

It was also shade in the evening, but there was still ice in the water.
It seems to be a Russian lens with selfish image.

84year Later type

I also took a test shoot while walking in my neighborhood for a long time.
This lens is very fun.

In addition to portrait, it is a perfect lens to complement the subject focused on a certain point.

I think that it is a lens like a sample of an old lens which is easy to cause flare and ghost, easy to taste.

A shop like an office like a newly created cafe in the neighborhood.
It is a place where you can see the trees of Yoyogi Park in a distant view.

Here is a bit scary feel like a horror.
I was photographing the driver ‘s hand as I intended to take the red light of the breaker reflected on the window of the running train.

[yahoolist j]

88year Later type

Whether the lenses, appearance and accessories were also good condition items.

Halation is as ever, but there will be some sharpness in the latter period.

I feel that there is no difference between the previous term and the latter term if it is open.

74year Former type

Although the type of the previous term often feels a little precise is sweet, I think if you want a nostalgic atmosphere here you can enjoy it.

Pretty halation and ghosts are amazing.
In other words, it can be said that it is easy to apply effects based on the intention of the photographer.

If it does not enter halation it will feel much closing and soft and sharp lines will delicate.

86year Later type

I did not like the test pictures I took on a rainy day, I shot again and sent it out again. After all, it was a sunny day.

As Russian Lens is susceptible to the influence of light, if it hits sunlight the depiction will change a lot and it will feel better.

I kept one piece in the room on a rainy day. I do not understand the condition of the weather, but I like this for this.

75year Former type

Although it brings the eyes of the viewer to one point, it is a lens that has a truly wonderful element.

It seems that there is nothing to worry about shooting if the shortest shooting distance is 85cm.

Looking at this picture alone is a beautiful blur like a modern lens, but it is susceptible to the influence of light, and when the light source becomes strong, it is a lens that makes it easier to attach more various expressions.