25 Jun 2022神無月

This Tessar 5cm hits a mount pin stand in Kiyosumi-shirakawa.

Digital Camera

There are a lot of buildings in Kiyosumi Shirakawa, and it was completely different from the one I remember, so I came back to check it.

This time lens

【Carl Zeiss Jena / Tessar 50mm F3.5 M.Distance 60cm M42】

It is the same type as the previous Tessar 50mm, but this one has a focus index in meters, and there is a problem with the shape of the mount.
It is a type of Tessar that cannot be mounted properly because the part that receives the pin of the current general mount hits.

【usually pin stand & scraping pin stand】

Fortunately, I have a lot of mounts, so I tried scraping one pin stand and it was installed without any problems.
So I decided to try this lens as well.

Today’s agenda

– Compare the image with the previous Tessar 50mm.
– Match with Kiyosumi Shirakawa in my memory.

Impressions of the depiction of Tessar 50mm

Same as the previous Tessar, it is a stable depiction that does not seem to be manufactured around 1950.

After all, the shortest shooting distance of 60 cm is about the limit as a distance to food.
However, I don’t feel like I can get closer than the previous Tessar.

Is the depiction of the sky similar?
It’s natural because it’s almost the same lens, but the image of the old lens changes considerably depending on the lens condition, so I’m relieved for the time being.

In places where the sunlight is not directly facing the lens, the stability of the eagle eyes is emphasized and the image is sharp.

This case, I feel like I’m close enough.

With a composition that blurs the depths like this, Since the approach is emphasized, it gives a feeling of close-up shooting.
I don’t think there are any problems.

Even though it is in the shade, the light comes in gently, and the frame with color is the situation that old lenses are good at.

The flowers were small, but I would like to get closer to this one.

Oh, this was taken like an old lens.
The light swirly bokeh is just like that.

Now increase the shutter speed to make it sharper.
After all Tessar, the shade is strong impression.

The sunlight through the trees came in nicely, and the water and dead leaves were beautiful, but it’s also difficult to understand.
I wonder if I could get closer.

I thought that it was a depiction and a feeling of portability that seemed to be almost a problem for city photography.

Kiyosumi Shirakawa Station ~ MO+ ~ Kiyosumi Garden

I think I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art about 10 years ago, but I came to check it because the memory at that time and the image around the station I visited the other day were so different.

It was an image of a shopping street with a low roof, but I walked a little and found this map, and finally it matched my memory.
It seems that “Fukagawa Museum Street”, which runs alongside the current location of the map, was memorable.

It’s a fairly spacious shopping street, a nice street where you can feel a calm time, and it seems that you went to the museum through this road 10 years ago.

There is nothing on the street, but I like this kind of side street.
I think that this downtown atmosphere seen from the main street is useful for the scenery.

And I came because it was a big deal.

The art is made to be geometrically blown through, and it is a very calm facility.

It’s early, but it’s a big deal, so take a break.
The price was a bit like a tourist spot, but it was organic and delicious with a high quality feeling.

It’s expensive in terms of cost performance, so
I think it was the most delicious croquette bread I have ever eaten.

And on the way back, it’s even better, so here. Certainly the first store in Japan.
I’ve been to other stores, but this is my first time.
However, I stopped because I was waiting for 9 groups.

A black-tailed gull flew around the blue bottle. Will you climb the river?
I don’t think the sea is so close.
I’ve never lived near the sea, so I don’t understand this kind of skin sensation.

Then, I went home while grabbing the park near the station.
Even though the days have extended, after this time the redness of the photo becomes stronger and it becomes difficult to understand the taste of the old lens I am trying, so I avoid it quite a bit.

For the time being, if you pass in front of Kiyosumi Garden, the entrance fee is 150 yen.
Weigh the idea of “let’s stop because it’s charged” and “150 yen is cheap if you rarely come”,

I have entered.
It’s already over 15:00 and the redness is still strong
But it’s a beautiful garden. I’m glad I entered.
It feels like Shinjuku Gyoen.

The pond is full of turtles, just like a small turtle garden.
It’s so lovely to come closer and stick out your head.

But when it comes to soft-shelled turtles, it’s lightly past adorable.
As I was concentrating on taking landscape photos, a soft-shelled turtle with a squid face slowly approached me while swimming, which was pretty horror.
The photo is a soft-shelled turtle that is a peaceful one that does not move after drying its shell.

And there is a monument beside a small pond in the back.
What a pond of Basho Matsuo’s “A old pond ~”.
I’m a little happy.
I am satisfied with 150 yen.

About Tessar 50mm

As I mentioned at the beginning, this Tessar 5cm does not fit properly because the lower part of the lens hits the pin base of the mount.

[Last Tessar & this time Tessar]

By comparison, the previous Tessar, which has no problem, has a slightly trapezoidal shape at the bottom of the mount.
The height of Tessar this time is low, but it seems that the edge part hits the pin stand of the mount.

You will not be able to mount the lens unless you find one that does not have a mounting pin base or scrape the pin base yourself.

And the problem is that you don’t seem to know that much at the time of purchase.
So if you can’t solve this problem, you should either stop buying or find the previous Tessar 50mm.

For reference, this Tessar is written as 5 cm.
Last time Tessar 50mm, the distance index was in feet.
However, even with 50mm and feet notation, it is not possible to say whether the mount hits the pin stand or not, so please consider it as a reference only when comparing these two.