11 Feb 2018神無月

Industar 61 L/D 53mm F2.8 FED in Akihabara, Treasury of affordable old lens, Russian lens

Even in the market and at our shelves, it is not a noticeable lens, and I had no chance to take it easily, but when I tried it, I thought that it was good to have cheap taste and to add it to a Russian lens that is affordable and looks like a film .

Lens information

FED Industar-61 L/D 53mm F2.8 L39

It is a lens attached to an affordable film camera called FED, and it is on the market now in a large quantity at an affordable price.
I think that it is affordable and has a good taste like an old taste to buy as the second and third old lenses.

Reference : Star blur Industar 61 L/Z

The name is similar to the Russian lens Industas 61 L/Z where star blur comes out, but here it is about twice as big and its appearance is almost different

Today’s Agenda

– Try the taste of L/D with less information than you can see in the market
– Walking around the street looking for old-fashioned Akihabara

Bokeh, around the frame, color

Although it is the brightest of F2.8, the shortest shooting distance is 100cm, so it is not a spec that expects blur, but it is comparatively well balanced blurred and focused.

I like the sense of depth and saturation of this sense of depth
It is so-called film-like.

Although the contrast is low, I wonder if the subject is lifting with a good color and blurred feeling.

As the old lens looks like a halation, it turns into a whitish feeling, but that would make the picture soften.

The highlight of blur is a good saturation feeling like Russian lens.

I think that the appearance of halation is also a difference in descriptions of Russian lenses.

Film feeling, pale depiction, halation, cheap lens, dusk, if they can be sublimated may make a good taste.

Although it looks only dark and only lanterns are visible, it seems like a good photo.

Resolution, Sharpness, Aberration

Contrast did not go up and it was a little difficult to seek a sharp feeling, but I can see the atmosphere of this lens.

The texture of the shiny part of the machine is relatively sharp.

Indeed it is difficult for subjects that are hard to reflect such light.
There are likely to be more suitable lenses in this frame.

I tried variously opening and closing the aperture, I wonder if this feeling of opening is the best.

The clouds before sunset are reflected in good touch.
The contrast difference in a little dark may be compatible with the lens of this generation.

Look nice!
The sharpness will definitely bring out the iPhone, but the atmosphere is still an old lens.

Purchase, reference at the time of purchase

FED Industar-61 L/D 53mm F2.8 L39(Leica L)

As similar lenses,

I think that Industar 50-2 like relatives is similar,

It is close to Jupiter-8 which is also the same L39 mount as lens spec.


Price of eBay,, about $30 – $50 include a shipping cost.

As a common precaution for affordable Russian lenses, there are many things with many cleaning scratches on the front of the lens.
The lens of this time is also slightly overly.

Cleaning scratches are somewhat problematic, but with a large amount it is almost cloudy, with sharpness disappearing, it will be like soft focus all the time and you will not be able to enjoy the original description so be careful.

Around walikng area

“Akihabara” town recommendation degree★★★★☆=4

Akihabara in recent years is an image of animation & idol, but there were many places where the taste of the past remained, so I thought that I will walk once.

I had a camera so I had plans to go on a meeting.
I seemed to be in time for sunset yet so I walked a bit.

“2k520” I wanted to take a feeling of the air here, but unfortunately it is closed.

As it is, I took a walk around the old-fashioned atmosphere.

I felt it was good under the universal bridge near the Mansei bridge, so I walked around this area as my first destination.

I felt the two routes intersected well, but it’s cold and here is the limit.
The composition is inconvenient. I want to shoot at 35 mm.

Speaking of the Mansei bridge, there was a restaurant called “Nikuno Mansei” locally, and my friends were bite-stricked when I was young, so I was indebted to him.

It is very tasty, but for young people it is a somewhat upscale shop, memories that I was impressed somewhere when I became an adult looking at the head office.

MAVIC AIR was flying. It looks easy if you look at it, is not it.

It is the other side of Showa Dori that I walked just before dusk, which may be more interesting.

About camera

Camera : SONY a7
Aperture : F2.8
Shutter speed : almost 1/1000 or 1/500
Image quality : raw

About Mount

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