18 Feb 2018神無月

Biotar 58mm is not just only a swirly bokeh! Delicate and Exquisite in Iidabashi, Kagurazaka

Biotar 58 mm will be the second city shoot. Comparing with Helios in the previous trial was the axis, but this time closer to the original charm.

Lens Information

Carl Zeiss Jena / Biotar 58mm F2.0 M42

Helios, famous for its swirly bokeh, is similar in appearance and depiction as a Biotar’s branch like these days.
However, now that decades have passed, I think that each lens has goodness and features and is a good lens to enjoy with each.

This tims Biotar 58mm

This Biotar is the next model of Biotar I tried about a year ago.
Since the protrusion near the back lens is gone, infinity has come without a problem with a single lens reflex camera such as Cannon EF mount.

Last Biotar 58mm

You can see that something is on the back of the lens.
Be careful as this may conflict with single lens reflex or mirror-less single-lens eyes.
For this reason Biotar is not for beginners.

Actually, I also learned using it before.

Today’s Agenda

– Reaffirming the goodness of Biotar 58mm
– Walking in Iidabashi while going to the movies

Bokeh, depiction around the frame, color

It blurs amazingly.
Nevertheless the focusing surface can be seen quite clearly in the old lens.
I can see a somewhat swirly blur, but I think the melting method is different from the Russian lens.

Short distance composition, simple and beautiful front and back blur is out.
Somewhat similar to the same generation of Meyer.

It is a set meal that worries whether a crow should come.
In contrast to soft blur, the sharp focus balance is a little depicted.

If you take a blur before and take a distant view, you can see the sudden change from focus to blur.

It looks like a movie!
No filter, no adjustment, so this taste is completely taste of the lens.

Even in this backlighting condition, the color ride is good and the balance between the blurring stage and the focusing surface lifting way is very good.

Even with this distance feeling blur around the image is good taste.
Sharp feeling sharply increases as going to the center, so it is interesting to see it obediently as if there was nothing near the middle.

It may be better than the previously tried Biotar.
Although I cleaned it up a bit, I feel easy to take a lot more than the previous Biotar.

It is a nice lens.

Resolution, sharpness, aberration

Focused pint is suitable for metal.
It was a place where the reflection of the sun came in just right angle and it turned to a nice feeling.

Even with halation, the focusing surface seems to endure.

Even sharp objects will appear sharp and easy to take.
Biotar It’s pretty nice.

The yellow of the Sobu line is familiar well with the lens.
The nostalgia feeling of opening the aperture is fun.

The sharpness of metal is also wonderful.
Also, because there is a sense of distance in the distant view seen from the gap, contrast with blur is good flavor.

It was helped by the good sky blueness and the transparency of the air, and it was able to squeeze to F16.
It feels like a summer.

Tighten the metal.

Purchase route, repair and versatility, reference at the time of purchase

Carl Zeiss Jena / Biotar 58mm F2.0 M42

As I also noted at the beginning there are ledges that interfere with the camera, so purchasing may be difficult without some knowledge.

If you arrange two, you can see the big difference by the lower cover and you can understand the difference well, but it is hard to understand individually.
It is still difficult to recommend for beginners.

On purchase

eBay Price,
When you put shipping costs $ 150 to $ 350.
It is a relatively old lens, I think that it is better to take care of the condition for cheap lenses.
In particular, there are things that the helicoid does not move as if it froze, so I think that it is better to pay attention to products with simple explanation.

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About walking around

“Iidabashi, Kagurazaka” City recommendation degree★★★★☆=4

I came this time in Iidabashi.

The aim was a movie screened at this single building.
It is a plan to walk around the city before that.

I also took a short walk around Kagurazaka, which I walked a while ago.

Even lunch is a high-priced dormitory area.
Wandering around Kagurazaka as imagined is quite fun.

Cross over a large overpass over the intersection of Iidabashi towards JR Iidabashi.

It is a peaceful crossover where you can look around each direction from the overpass.

The picture at the beginning is a picture taken from JR ‘s Overpass Bridge to Footbridge.

It was an area where the old building remained and the slow time was also felt.

About camera

Camera : SONY a7
Aperture : F2.0-F5.4
Shutter speed : almost 1/1000
Image quality : raw

About Mount

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