13 Jul 2018神無月

edelkrone PocketRIG 2 review – I want to take a video with old lens!

Digital Camera

Movie planning is proceeding. I managed to give up thinking whether I could manage to use old lenses after all, but in the end I gave up, but as I am reviewing the equipment I tried at that time, it is a review.

This time, the project is not a picture but a picture, and furthermore, a relatively dynamic dance is the main, so I thought that I could not keep up with the stand on the stand and thought of what would be an assistant on hand.

There were three ways to become candidates.
– a7iii + SONY 24-105mm + Pilotfly-Adventure
– a7iii + SONY 24-105mm + edelkrone PocketRIG2
– a7iii + Old Lens Various _Biotar 58mm mainly_ + edelkrone PocketRIG2

The favorite is a stabilizer Pilotfly-Adventure that has sufficiently the benefits of modern technology.
It is the latest version of the Pilotfly series which came out earlier this year.

Although it stabilizes steadily exactly, use of power while adjusting the focus of the old lens is slightly tough because it is rattling trying to correct it if you give power to the camera.
I will review this one again.

About manufacturer

It is an oversea maker called edelkrone, which is mainly a manufacturer handling small image shooting auxiliary parts variously.
I thought this time as a tool to use old lenses in a moving picture.

When buying it through a domestic agent, it costs around 50,000 yen, and above site is $ 349 (about 40,000 yen).
The price is cheaper than the home site, but if you support or repair it would be a domestic agent.

Like this, I fixed the rig stretched under the camera with the body.
It is far more stable than holding on hand.

Installation can be fixed firmly with the same pan head as a tripod.

But shorter than I thought

It might be a bit short for me that I thought immediately.
I feel a little short whether there are also 185cm tall and relatively long arms.

It is not realistic to look over the viewfinder and shoot because you want to move up and down.
It is said that a simple condition is desirable to increase the superiority of small creators, as mobility decreases in the direction of attaching monitors etc. to increase options.

By the way it is around 35-36 cm.
You can adjust the short at the middle threaded part, but it is impossible for longer than this.

Try with an old lens anyhow

Challenge with Biotar

Moreover, although it comes first from the conclusion, it is impossible to move complicatedly by camera because the camera inevitably moves in a snag at the time of focusing.

I think that if the camera is fixed or keeps distance with the subject and moves slowly without moving the focus, I think that it will be somehow, but it is impossible for contents with intense movement like this dance to be able to start.

However, in test shooting, Biotar 58mm taste and sharpness were good compatibility with VTR.
I thought that if I changed the Helicoid grease oil to an awfully loose one, I thought I was going to do somewhat, but I thought that this time it was impossible if I thought that we would prepare lenses of other angle of view.

Follow Pinto Peak (*1)

(*1) Pinto Peak = The focused part shines on the screen SONY a7 function

Basically I was going to follow the Pinto Peak, but this was another one.
If you check later, the pin is a bit sweeter, or if you are out of focus peak it is quite frustrating because you can not see the actual focus.

It seems that it will be able to alleviate to some extent if you narrow down the aperture well and lower the focus peak appearance.
As much as possible, I want to use the brilliant blur of the old lens, so I do not want to narrow it too much.

Also, if you attach an external monitor, it is easy to focus, but it is also a place you do not want to do when the mobility drops and the turn does not work.
I think that the direction to increase the equipment will go towards the direction in which it is better to have good budget.
The mobility is important for individual creators to make interesting images.

Other Thought

You can hook on a belt or the like and even at low angle

There is a gap on the contact surface of the rig, so fixing can be fixed to the end of the belt or trousers.
Moreover, it stabilizes unexpectedly.

This spec is useful because it will be impressive if you shoot with a wide angle lens in a flurry from the bottom.
The preview monitor at this time can be turned, so take it with it face up.


I’d like to shape the VTR someday with the old lens.

It turned out to be something like this