19 Oct 2018神無月

Rich contrast Primagon 35mm, film camera and downtown in Ameyoko, Omotesando

Film Camera

A wonderful contrast and sharp feeling that does not feel the age. In my semi-wide-angle lens, Primagon 35mm came to give a presence. Try it with film!

I thought, If I emphasized the contrast, it is interesting at night.
So it is an article of various streets around Ueno Ameyoko.

Today’s Agenda

– Do the richness of Primagon fit the city at night?

around Ueno Ameyoko

As the image, the contour of the sun was visible, the road in front and the bicycle etc were planned to be a black shadow, but the backlight with a strong light intensity is difficult if it is a film.
It was a pity that the sunset was a nice feeling.

The streets of Ueno with a Showa sense match the film.
The balance between the sky near the sunset and the light of the city is nice.

here we go,
To the crowded city Ameyoko.

There are people pretty well on weekdays and it is lively.
When I was child,
There were only memories that I wanted to return early, brought by my father’s shopping.
However, when you become an adult, the atmosphere of the downtown that is close to this life is fun.

The width of the street matches Primagon 35mm.
Because I did not have time, I was able to take noticeable places.
I also want to walk slowly.

The shutter speed is about 1/4 or 1/8, it will blur unless you can not hold it.
However, people walking have a good taste of blurring.

The contrast from highlight to shadow is beautiful.
The sky appears to be crushed, but if you look closely you will see a few large trees on the left.
I wonder if the film comes out with unexpected gradation.

This also makes the sky clouds of the shadow part slightly visible.
As a composition, the subject is not invisible and lacks interest, but the exposure balance is very good.

I walked a lot on the other side of the park entrance.
It was almost near Nezu.

Omotesando, Raining

It was pretty rainy, but I wanted to take to finish film, so I walked through Omotesando Main Street.

It is difficult to avoid getting wet so as not to camera shake on rainy days.

If it is 1 or 2, it will not get wet, but if you take 10 photos, toes will gets wet.

Apple Omotesando from the side.
It is quite interesting that there is no one in the store that is always crowded.

I noticed this day.
It will be a good taste to complement for photograph by imprinting the letters of the sign well.
If I put a lot of it, I will be careful of the meaning of the letters, but I thought that it would be a good element if I could bring it with a geometric image as an object.
I want to think for a while.

What I thought this time

Primagon at night was very good, but I also want to take a picture of the daytime as well.
I would like to post about another one in the daytime version.


Meyer-Optik Görlitz Primagon 35mm F4.5
Primagon F4.5 35mm
Meyer-Optik Görlitz was at least as competent as Carl Zeiss, Someone said.
The lens around 1960 when that story was indeed true is a wonderful portrayal.

Primagon F4.5 35mm
The short minimum distance is 40cm, the aperture is F4.5, Primgon can not win against Frektogon.
However, as a semi-wide-angle of old lenses, it is a personally recommended lens.


film camera PRAKTICA MTL5

The camera is Praktica MTL 5 made by Pentacon, fourth generation in 1983.
It is in good condition. I will make it a main camera for a while.
Film is Fujifilm's standard ISO 100 36shots.