01 Jul 2016神無月

Thick and deep colors Carl Zeiss / Flektogon 35mm F2.8 Zebra

Lens and manufacturer introduction

Almost as many as 20 old lenses have come to see their personality, and these days I took a nice lens again.

Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon 35mm / F2.8
Carl Zeiss DSC 03216

Flektogon emits its presence with a wide-angle lens in it.
It is re-appearing in the Tani thousand area that also walked several times as a survey for moving.

Today’s Agenda

· Take a red Torii of Nezu shrine with Flektogon, which is popular for overseas travelers
· How far can you make a thin light after dusk?

Line depiction, color taste

A wonderful lens that matches this place!

Carl Zeiss DSC 05385_160511_Felktogon35mm
Because it is raw shooting, the picture style of the camera is not reflected. This color and texture with taking and taking out.
With the goodness of the line that the line does not become hard so much like narrowing it is old.

Carl Zeiss DSC 05416_160511_Felktogon35mm
I feel a bit scary with raining atmosphere though it is a photo, but it’s a nice place. It is full of alpha waves and quite healed.

Carl Zeiss DSC 05460_160511_Felktogon35mm
Because there are many tall trees, I think that green which does not hit the shadow looks dark and feels dark when it is photographed.
Carl Zeiss DSC 05481_160511_Felktogon35mm
This pond was a park near Nezu station, a quaint place where there was even a small waterfall when going to the back a little. Why is this waterfall in a small park? Where is the source of the water in the first place? Tani It is a very interesting place.

Carl Zeiss DSC 05339_160511_Felktogon35mm
Flektogon is doing somehow if there is a difference in light and dark place in the dark, and it seems that the dark part says that the line will emerge rather than the line comes out.

Carl Zeiss DSC 05512_160511_Felktogon35mm
The picture of this neighborhood is already weak and the light is weak, but I think that the picture has been established firmly catching the highlighted part.

Bokeh taste

Carl Zeiss DSC 05393_160511_Felktogon35mm
Fluktogon is extremely easy to handle because very powerful color tone will remain even though the back is quite blurred if you use the shortest distance shooting distance of around 30 cm well. It is only a lens that is said to be a famous ball indeed.

Carl Zeiss DSC 05373_160511_Felktogon35mm
The light entering from the clearance of the high leaves of leaves is easy to be blurred, and if there is a subject in front, it will easily emerge with a difference.
The pentagon of the 5 diaphragm blades is also beautiful. Especially young leaves are easy to use for blur, and at this time it is not troubled by distant view.

Carl Zeiss DSC 05449_160511_Felktogon35mm
However, if it is open at this torii distance, the surrounding light intensity change will change the sense of distance between labor and blur and the balance will collapse, so it should be noted.
Trees running beside the torii are likely to be difficult to view in the first place because I think that it is better to put a difference with the back.

Carl Zeiss DSC 05490_160511_Felktogon35mm
This neighborhood is attached further by attaching a macro helicoid as usual.

[us_mountSelect something="M42_NEX_Macro"]

Carl Zeiss DSC 05505_160511_Felktogon35mm
In this close-up shoot, the ball is not a pentagon but a feeling like a bubble blur.
Under what conditions does this happen? It is a research question among them.

Carl Zeiss DSC 05509_160511_Felktogon35mm

Purchase route, repair and versatility, reference at purchase

The frame around the front lens is slightly distorted, but it is an individual with no problems with lenses, iris etc.

Purchased from a 100% Positive Feeder called romansite.
The product state is roughly, “Optical system is OK. Scratches and molds, no clouds. There is little dust.Front side is very good.It is a coating mark in the rear side.It is about barely noticed.Focus ring is It is fine in a reasonably smooth range and is reasonable.I think that there is a little dent around the filter mount, but I think that there is no problem in attaching the filter.The aperture is perfect movement.It is a little trace of the feather.It is not a cap but a rear cover It is almost like this state with the feeling like “attaching a filter of 49 mm” .

Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon 35mm / F2.8 Shortest shooting distance 30 cm M42 mount made in 1972
Carl Zeiss DSC 03216

eBay Lists
Is it about 15,000 to 30,000 yen, maybe it has risen more than a while ago?

color, flare, ghost

Although it is Flektogon which can be taken well, there is still a phenomenon that the light is weak against the backlight only in the old lens, and white light comes in.

Carl Zeiss DSC 05406_160511_Felktogon35mm
However, since there are many things that make the position of the light source easy to understand with nearly soft entrance, I think that it is an easy-to-use element for photography, but it seems that it is generally not good.

Carl Zeiss DSC05525_160511_Felktogon 35mm
Although it seems to understand if it is a press photograph of Ney York Times, I think that it is a very good taste when I want to take pictures with town photography and portrait feeling atmosphere, and I think that it is fun as long as the exit direction is different for each lens.

Looking back and analyzing the pictures that I thought was able to be successful

Carl Zeiss DSC05514_160511_Felktogon35mm Although it was already quite a bit of light at dusk By shooting in the open, the ambient light level dropped, and as a result the middle brightened and the flower went forward.

Here I narrowed it a little
Carl Zeiss DSC 051513_160511_Felktogon35mm
Although I think that the picture is a picture that is established even if it is squeezed, I think that I noticed one of the influences on the photographs depicted in open by this photograph.
It is a simple story.

reflection, analysis of a little missing picture

On the contrary, this is a shot after dusk, but the flowers have not come out before and the picture is not established.

Carl Zeiss DSC 05506_160511_Felktogon35mm
For the part I saw with my eyes, the flowers were conspicuous than the signboards, but it seems that in the photographs, it looked like the amount of light as expected.

But, I wonder if there is quite a difference between this apparent impression and actual light.
When I saw it on the PC screen, it was a photo of the feeling.

If you notice it when you are taking photos, you may be able to hit some measures, so I think that you should aim for that.

Directing direction of shooting, as a portrait lens

Recently, I have not taken a person completely, I would like to try this Flektogon.
Unexpectedly, it is strong even in a dark place, there may be a strobe of a night road.

Around where I walked

After all, I abandoned moving to the Tani Chisen area, but when I listed the properties together, I went to the convenience 4 times (it was five times?) I went.

Carl Zeiss DSC05526_160511_Felktogon 35mm
It was impressive that it is full of crowds of people in the vicinity of the shopping arcade. Feeling drinking a lot while sitting on the edge. I will drink with a beer case as it is.
I feel that old and new are making a town while balancing with a good feeling.

shooting information

Carl Zeiss BL 6A 1471

The development software is Photoshop CS6 raw, and depending on the photograph, it may adjust the “exposure amount” to some extent, but it is often taken out as it is.
Moreover, since I want to put the special color of the lens on the front in this blog, I do not adjust “balance” in the photograph such as “contrast” “clarity” “saturation”.

The aperture is open to F2.8 to F8, the shutter speed is 1/200 as the axis to reduce blur, ISO used priority for the aperture nuance last.
The white balance is almost a shade in the shrine, but I thought that the green of the tree is blue and the light body is about the same “sunny weather”.
Others are “cloudy weather” many.

About Mount

[us_mountSelect something="M42_NEX"]

After words

I write another article, a consideration of detailed description etc.
Flektogon 35mm is masterpiece, Good sharpness and contrast, not just a rumor.

I also wrote Flektogon of 20 mm.
Ultra wide angle of eye-catching large lens