22 Jul 2016神無月

Tokyo underground city in Shinjuku vol.2, Voigtlander SUPER WIDE-HELIAR III 15mm F4.5.

Digital Camera

In this project I divide it into 2 times because the amount of characters has become quite large.

Last summary

The first Tokyo Tokyo Underground City Planning Close the taste by underground walking from “Nijigashi front to Otemachi” , The 2nd “Shinjuku!” Decided.

From the vicinity of the 3 – chome sub – central line to the underground, go to the sub – nerves from the direction once to the ground. Again, when entering the basement near the West Great Guard it looks like a good atmosphere!

Near the subnade

Discovering the basement close to the image near the west entrance guard

Oh, I found you, I was looking for an underground city like this! !


Feeling that people who look in look like fairies. I was looking for this.


And a samurai pillar.


Somewhat extra space makes me feel like I am doing the role of isolation zone which is a common logo.


Easy to framing without heart.


I noticed that it was sudden.


There are cameras around here. At this time.


Well it is safe to say that it is safe, but I can not wipe the feeling being monitored.
Because of that, it is troublesome to tackle that it is decided not to keep an absolute camera in the vicinity of the stairs. Because I do not want to be misunderstood. . .



After a short walk I went to the back of the West Exit underground rotary,


I was under the BIC camera.

Underground City Promenade in the West

The moon was beautifully out.


Maybe it passed by soon to be the bedding of so many people, towards the Keio Line.


Indeed it is a promenade from this neighbor.


Finally I realized the sense of direction in Shinjuku underground.


It is east and west, originally Shinjuku.


South is a new exit. NEWoMAN may be a symbol of a new exit in the south.


By the way, today’s mad wax. I am pretending to be a traveler.


I felt the importance of appearance because I was mistaken as a seller of yak twice in the last six months and I looked up every corner of the bag.


Well, promenade.


People were still pretty much walking, but the expression of the underground shopping area of ​​the city that gets to sleep is more familiar to the frame than the east,


There is no feeling that the expression on the way home of the person walking is also different.


There was an entrance that was easy to enter the underground parking lot so we decided to take a peek into it.


A door with charm with a little pop font.
But well the basement parking lot does not change to the east.


And today’s underground exploration is also near the Keio Line station near the end.


While thickening the pillar is inconvenient. Is it close to the image of the east?


And the familiar familiar south exit of the Koshu Highway.


Shinjuku which was easy to walk to myself who came to Tokyo after being over 30 years old is South Exit.
This is the most calming Shinjuku.

In this project I divide it into 2 times because the amount of characters has become quite large.

Used lens information

It’s made in 2015 and is not an old lens at all, but ultra wide angle lenses still have to take care of the modern lens due to color casting and distortion.

Voigtlander SUPER WIDE-HELIAR 15mm F4.5 Aspherical III
DSC 03058

It is about 70,000 to 80,000 if it is fixed price.

Please note that the former one is a haze that tends to cause magenta color cast around the image.

Looking back and analyzing the pictures that I thought was able to be successful

I want to see a fashion picture of the balance with a woman around the middle of sunflower and it’s cool.


This shooting method was almost exclusively for this picture, but I thought that the way of shooting to cut out the sight and the back scenery was like my photo, and I thought there was a need to be a little more conscious.

Around where I walked. Anyway, wide Shinjuku underground shopping area

I borrowed an image of Yahoo’s underground map information.
(For Yahoo, please contact us here if you have any problems.

For the time being we decided only to enter the basement from the sub-central line of the south entrance, and then wandered around as planned to walk as much as possible, but in the end it walked about like this for about an hour.

The subnade and the promenade were separated in the east and the west.
Somehow the whole map entered my mind.
If you add the Tokyo metropolitan area as well, there is still another area feeling.

shooting information

Camera is SONY α 7II, image quality raw uncompressed.

Since it is taking in raw, color information remains in the original data.
After converting it to grayscale with Photoshop raw, adjust with black level and white level, with some shadows.
It may be your own flow not to adjust with contrast.

I also want to leave the characteristics of the lens in the photograph, so I will not touch it later. Especially for clarity the atmosphere appears at first glance, but I do not use it much because I think that the characteristics of the camera and lens will be lost.

Just after finally shrinking the image, Unsharp will be applied a little in Photoshop. Because it becomes blurred when shrinking.

The iris remained almost open F8.
And the shutter speed is 1/25. As for the project of this time, since the object to be photographed does not move with buildings, there is no problem.

If it is 1/25 if it reflects as an element, it is just blurred, with the opposite feeling. Individuals will not be able to distinguish themselves, so it will be two birds with one stone.

ISO is auto, it does not care about light intensity, it is feeling to take it, I think that it is a good taste that the ISO rises too much and the noise comes out.


I do not mind white balance because it is black and white because raw development is still black and white in creative style.

Postscript: 7/18 19: 00
I noticed it was over when I finished writing articles, but today I finished almost finished writing the manuscript yesterday when I walked in Shinjuku was a continuous holiday!
It is as many people as there are.
I will think again someday.