15 Jul 2016神無月

Tokyo Underground City Otemachi Area, Curtagon 28 mm F4.0

Digital Camera

Today’s Agenda

Today is a picture that follows the theme unlike usual.
The theme is “Tokyo underground city”!

A certain weekend,
There was business in Marunouchi, after that I worked in Starba in the basement.

On that way, around 22 o’clock.
Walking down the underpass to the station, I do not feel like having a chance at all! Like a ruin.
The extent to which people can be seen occasionally in a huge underground passage.

160710_DSC 08640_Curtagon 28mm
It looked somewhere beautiful.
Feel like ruins.

So it is a project to take it.
That is also monochrome.

If there is no color, it seems that the feelings of the ruins that I first imaged as a result of knowing the lines and pure positions in the frame are strong.

Lens and manufacturer introduction

Schneider Kreuznach Curtagon 28mm / F4.0 M42 mount made in 1962
DSC 03060

As I thought that it was wide angle again Flektogon 35mm was also troubled, but this time, painting with a wider angle of view Touch’s Curtagon 28mm .

Voigtlander SUPER WIDE – HELIAR 15mm I thought for a moment but 15mm would be too wide or too wide. However, I should have thought after taking it and trying it.

Start from Akasaka

Since it was Sunday, I went to the site as soon as I could go anywhere, so it was difficult for me to have many people in the cafe.
However, descending a little before Akasaka.

160710_DSC08539_Curtagon 28mm
There is no reason, somehow it can be said that it is time crushing.

160710_DSC08544_Curtagon 28mm
It was a land I did not know so much, so I wonder if there is something.

I found a frequently asked dumpling slope.
160710_DSC08563_Curtagon 28mm
What kind of hill is it?

160710_DSC08596_Curtagon 28mm
I found one place. Is it like the Hotel New Otani’s like a pond?

160710_DSC08607_Curtagon 28mm
There is something amazing translation in history, so it is somewhat scary something.


160710_DSC08613_Curtagon 28mm
And as the sun was getting dark, I aimed for Nagabashi from Nagatacho.

I noticed for the first time when I took this picture, but there are many pillars in the basement.
Thick pillars.

160710_DSC08616_Curtagon 28mm
It is natural, but I thought that when I was familiar with it every day, I thought that I was saving him from sight.

Front of double bridge

And front of Nijirihashi.

160710_DSC 08617_Curtagon 28mm
Oh this. It is close to the image.
However, I was still around 20 o’clock, so I want to take a little more time and take a more pleasant feeling. So slightly to the ground.

160710_DSC08622_Curtagon 28mm
However, there were not too many eye-catching pictures on the ground, as it was, we had a little time with the starboard in the basement.

Again before double bridge

160710_DSC08626_Curtagon 28mm
Well Starba is closed and the world has also been upgraded. Sorry for the inconvenience.

160710_DSC 08638_Curtagon 28mm
It is this. This straight feeling to the vanishing point. Great~.

160710_DSC08640_Curtagon 28mm
I think that it is close to the so-called night factory Moe.

160710_DSC08644_Curtagon 28mm
Only the lines and light shadows stand out. There is no one but I do not have a person.

160710_DSC08647_Curtagon 28mm
Unevenness that is different from sunlight and unevenness born as an artifact on the contrary.
A monochrome gradation. It is beautiful, is not it?

160710_DSC08657_Curtagon 28mm
Occasionally the shadows pass through and shoot as it is, but it seems like a fairy living somehow in an old ruin and is interesting.

160710_DSC08652_Curtagon 28mm
The image that appears to be whimsical is like a fairy.


160710_DSC08679_Curtagon 28mm
It’s dark of course because it is underground at night, but I dare narrow the aperture from F8 to F11. Since the object is not moving, the shutter speed may be as good as 1 / 50.1 / 25. So ISO is raised to around 1,000 to 4,000. Then I feel that the noise feels nice.

To Otemachi

160710_DSC08682_Curtagon 28mm
I felt unexpectedly early arriving in front of Jiigyo Bridge and feeling unsatisfactory, apparently I noticed that the underpass was continuing to Otemachi.
It seems that there is a short distance, but still the train is running time so I decided to walk.

160710_DSC08686_Curtagon 28mm
Oh, this neighborhood is also nice feeling ~
There might be a direction towards Tokyo Station, too.

160710_DSC 08691_Curtagon 28mm
Somehow, I began to feel a sadness in the signs.
It is funny that the weakness is noticeable for things that you do not usually see in the eyes.

160710_DSC 08693_Curtagon 28mm
The contrast of a place with strong light is easy to draw.
I feel a bit irregular.

160710_DSC08694_Curtagon 28mm
After thinking about it, I reached Otemachi.
I wanted to walk more, but I thought I took about a minute article.

160710_DSC 08696_Curtagon 28mm
It was a plan that I wanted to try again.

Planning and lens compatibility

Schneider Kreuznach Curtagon 28mm / F4.0 M42 mount made in 1962
DSC 03060
Because it was not bad as a lens selection.
Sharpness can also be expressed if there is a taste of the old lens while squeezing it.
Curtagon list on eBay

However, if this “underground city of Tokyo” is planned, trying other lenses seems to be very fun.
If it is 35mm, there are some, so let’s try it in turn.

Looking back and analyzing the pictures that I thought was able to be successful


160710_DSC08657_Curtagon 28mm
I like this one that looks like the most fairy. With these pictures you will not be able to distinguish individuals, and it is interesting as a gimmick.


Photographing Information


Since it is taking in raw, color information remains in the original data.
After converting it to grayscale with Photoshop raw, adjust with black level and white level, with some shadows.

It may be your own flow not to adjust with contrast.
I also want to leave the characteristics of the lens in the photograph, so I will not touch it later. Especially for clarity the atmosphere appears at first glance, but I do not use it much because I think that the characteristics of the camera and lens will be lost.

Just after finally shrinking the image, Unsharp will be applied a little in Photoshop. Because it becomes blurred when shrinking.

The aperture is almost open F8 or F11.
Open only when you want to gather light at the center using marginal light loss F4.0.

Since the shutter speed is not an object to worry about blurring, it is 1/50, and it is a form that compensates for ISO.

Because I kept it in black and white in creative style, I did not care about white balance.

About Mount

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