13 Oct 2019神無月

To see the sea with a small lens Jupiter-8 in Kamakura, Enoden

Digital Camera

When I was young, I thought that there were days when I wanted to see the sea only in the drama, but after the middle of my life, I came to understand that it really happened.

In the afternoon after mid-September, a picture of lunch came to me while looking at the sea.
It was a delicate time to make it in time for lunch, but I felt like I had something to take for the time being, so I went out with only a camera, a wallet, and an iPhone for the first time in a while.

That’s why my post after a long time is not in Tokyo, but in Kanagawa.

Today’s Agenda

– To the sea with Jupiter-8 50mm

To the sea with Jupiter-8

Looking back on this summer, when it was so hot that I didn’t feel like going out at all, it’s been a long time since I went out.
That’s why I went to Kamakura first.


I used to go to Kamakura for about half a year, so I’m familiar with this area.
I also want to walk in Kamakura, but I can’t catch lunch while looking at the sea, so I’m going to get on the train right away today.

Then get off at Inamuragasaki, where your favorite store is.

Like “Stand by me”.

A few minutes from the station, turn the corner and you will see the sea.
The road from this station is really nice that you can’t see the sea until you turn this corner.

With the place name, the blue sky and the palm tree.
A frame that feels the sea even if the sea is not reflected. It is an area that is too enviable.

Then we had lunch at our favorite restaurant where you can see the sea from the window.
I had a tempura set meal before, but There is not that today.
By the way, I forgot the food photo.

Although it was mid-September, it was a summer day and it was a hot day with a lot of sunshine, but I decided to walk to Shichirigahama.

I’m sorry to take it without permission.
I think it would be nice if I didn’t know the person.

It seems to be quite rusty near the sea.
However, it tastes good with old lenses.
In particular, the feeling of not being able to shoot too much with the Jupiter-8 this time feels like the atmosphere of the place.

The T-junction of Shichirigahama, which is often seen in the location of the video.
However, I couldn’t take another picture well.
If you take a picture from a slightly higher position with a wide angle, you can take a picture of the sea extending to the left and right, which may suit the image of this place.

Jupiter’s systematic feeling comes out strongly.
The feeling of being a little white due to halation seems to be a Russian lens.

And the sea from the platform of Kamakura High School Mae Station.
If I went to this high school, I think there were many days when I didn’t go to school while looking at the sea.

You can clearly see the letters blurring toward the edge of the sign.
It may be a lens with low optical performance, but I wonder if it can be said to be an old lens taste.

By the way, the home was like a tourist attraction with a lot of tourists from overseas.
When I look it up, it looks like Slam Dunk.

And on the way back.
This is Fujisawa, the end point of Enoden.
It has a different taste if you can get in the shade and suppress halation.
I wonder if the changes in this area are more interesting with older lenses.

I wondered if the light of dusk, which had been tilted to a good feeling, became the color of the depiction.

The other

I really like it as much as I want to use it as a door, but on this day there was only one and it was difficult to put together an article, so it was treated as a bonus.

Jupiter-8 is almost irrelevant, but it was one that I couldn’t help but shoot.

About lens

Jupiter-8 50mm F2.0 L39

The shortest shooting distance of 100 cm is not suitable for close-up shooting such as hoods, but I think it’s a perfect size for everyday shooting with it.

Click here for lens description.
→ 「Jupiter-8 50mm, Soft depiction and cored focus surface. Small old lens of L39 mount in Ogikubo station south side*